Education support for looked after children

We have a specialist support team that aims to improve the educational results of looked after children.

The team promotes high aspirations and progress in education as a means to better opportunities in life. It is responsible for raising the attainment, monitoring progress and removing barriers to learning of all the looked after children we care for.

Evidence shows that looked after children do not meet national educational expectations as well as other children. They can be at risk of underachieving at school because of disruption to their education and family life, or through poor emotional and psychological health.

Celebrating success

We are committed to celebrating the success of looked after children and strongly believe all those in care can succeed at school. Currently, all looked after children in our care are considered for an achievement award, with those gaining an award invited to an annual celebration day. The virtual school also holds a graduation for years 11 and 13 who have completed exams.

You can find out more about our virtual school on the Children and Young People's Service website.