Young carers - support and advice

Young carers are people under 18 who offer substantial, regular, help to a family member who has a disability, mental health, drug or alcohol issue.

Support for you as a young carer

As well as the daily tasks, such as housework, cooking and bathing, young carers live with the added pressure of school and often a lack of understanding from friends. Caring can be satisfying but it can also be exhausting and make great demands on your time, health and emotions. If you ever feel that the situation is becoming stressful, contact your GP, contact us or contact your local young carers' centre for help. Let them know how you feel and that you need help straight away.

Social care services can offer advice and information, as well as other services. Our customer services centre can provide you with more detailed information.

You can contact a carers support service for help and advice here 

What is the legal position for young carers?

By law, young carers have the same rights as other carers.

They can also be considered to be 'children in need' under the Children's Act 1989, depending upon whether or not social care services consider the child's caring role prevents them from having a reasonable social life and achieving full school attendance.