Scarborough Town Centre

An ambitious plan to create a vibrant, mixed use town centre for everyone in Scarborough.

To build the success of Scarborough Town Centre as a vibrant, mixed use centre for all stakeholders, investors and the community we aim to:

  • be the best performing coastal town centre in England by 2025 and the primary economic hub for retail, leisure, learning and living within the Yorkshire coast area.

  • increase residential living within our town centre by 25% by 2025

  • work together with public and private property owners and agencies to ensure the built environment and infrastructure exceeds the expectations of our customers and community by 2025

Scarborough Town Centre will re-align itself for the 21st century to become a hub of leisure, learning and living by building on its rich heritage, culture and traditional retail and leisure offer.

It will become a national exemplar through dynamic, welcoming and customer / community focussed activity and intervention.

This will be measured by footfall, vacancy rates, levels of investment, new business start-ups, stakeholder involvement and customer satisfaction.

The Scarborough Town Centre Charter

As part of its campaign for a safe and vibrant town centre, the Scarborough Town Centre Team in partnership with Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire Police, Scarborough Chamber of Trade, Scarborough Anti-theft group, Scarborough Civic Society and the Federation of small businesses have developed a Town Centre Charter which aims to support the regeneration plans for Scarborough town centre.

You can read the Scarborough Town Centre Charter here.

Scarborough Town Centre footfall

We have footfall cameras at three different sites in Scarborough town centre to monitor the number of people who walk past. You can see the Scarborough Town Centre footfall figures.

Scarborough Town Centre Projects

Re-greening the High Street

A re-greening of Scarborough town centre through the planting of birch trees, native grasses and hardy native plants. The installation of additional seating in order to enhance the environment of the town centre, creating an inviting public realm which will encourage shoppers to dwell and visit.

The new seating will be adaptable and moveable in order to allow for town centre events to take place.

Public WiFi

Introduction of public Wi-Fi within our Town Centre

Providing the platform upon which our visitors and community will be able to access a range of current and future digital services.

Vinyl Wrapping

The Scenes from Scarborough Art Trail includes a variety of images by local artists and can be found across the town centre, located in shop windows. The artwork, which has been created using print, photography, painting and graphic design, depicts a variety of vistas from the local area, appropriately named 'Scenes from Scarborough'.

The project is a joint initiative by Scarborough Borough Council, Scarborough Town Centre Team and Scarborough Town Deal Board, supported by government Town Deal funding.

Scarborough Town Centre Groups

Town Centre Team

Integral to the delivery of the Town Centre Strategy is the development of a multi-sector Town Centre Team to drive the process forward.

The Town Centre Team will work with the council and its partners to lead on and, where appropriate, deliver projects and initiatives that advance the priorities outlined in the strategy.

Heading up the Town Centre Team is a Chair and Vice Chair along with five ‘Town Champions’ who will work with partners to take forward specific themes and actions within in the strategy.

Scarborough Chamber of Trade

Scarborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce is a member-led organisation dedicated to supporting businesses in the Scarborough area. 

They are the voice of the local business community and through their sister group ‘Scarborough Anti Theft Group’, they are holders with distinction of the Safer Business for Scarborough. 

They link with and support the Town Centre Strategy and Town Centre Charter and Public Realm Working Group.

South Bay Traders Association

The South Bay Traders Association was formed in 1986 to represent the views and aspirations of the many diverse businesses operating along Foreshore, Sandside and the Harbour area of Scarborough.

They have close working relationships with fellow organisations including Scarborough Chamber of Trade, Scarborough Hotels Associations and the Scarborough Business Ambassadors.

Over the past 35 years they have been involved with or led on a number of exciting public realm and community support initiatives, including Castle Pride, the Sandside Project and FreeBay Wi Fi.