Ryedale community grant scheme

The Ryedale Community Grant Scheme is open to any community-based organisation or group, for projects that make a positive impact on the community owned or managed facilities and activities in Ryedale.

The organisations or groups could include:

  • village halls
  • play areas
  • sports facilities
  • village owned shops
  • activities that support the local community

What can you apply for?

Applications will be considered for projects requiring capital - for example, buildings or equipment - or revenue funding, for example, training or staff costs. The projects considered by the fund can be varied and diverse but must be able to show that they make a positive contribution to at least one of the council's stated aims. Please refer to page 15 of the council plan for more information.

The grant funding cannot be used for:

  • any expenditure that takes place prior to grant approval, including planning fees and professional fees - consequently, no work must be started, or firm contracts made in respect of any project before the grant application has been considered and a written offer of grant received
  • existing running costs of your organisation and existing salary costs 
  • fundraising costs 
  • previously funded projects 
  • paying VAT that your organisation can recover 
  • political or religious activities

This funding is not intended to replace existing statutory funding or for projects that have previously been funded by other organisations, such as street lighting, highways improvements and school facilities. 

Private sector businesses, local authorities and organisations already in receipt of core funding or Service Level Agreements are not eligible to apply.

Funding amounts

You can apply for up to £5000, although the maximum grant will be capped at 25% of your project costs. Projects under £1000 are eligible for 100% of grant funding. The amount of grant being requested must be clearly stated on the application form.

Applying for a grant

All applications will be appraised by North Yorkshire Council officers. The relevant ward councillor will also be consulted.

Application and funding dates

There will be two rounds for applications.

Round one

Round one applications open on 3 July 2023 and close on 11 August 2023. A decision will be made on 15 September 2023.

Round two

Round two applications open on 18 September 2023 and close on 27 October 2023. A decision will be made on 1 December 2023.

How to apply

You must fill in and return the application form:

Please return your form to us by email - details are in the application form.

All applications must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the signed constitution or rules for your organisation as adopted by the chairperson 
  • two years of audited accounts for existing organisations or 6 months bank statements for newer organisations 
  • copies of all offers of match funding - or identify where the remaining funding for the project is coming from 
  • two quotes for items of expenditure, demonstrating value for money

If you are applying for a capital grant, you must also send us:

  • copies of deeds, lease agreements or other title documents 
  • copies of all plans, estimates, schedules or work, tenders, and specifications of work 
  • copies of all planning approvals where appropriate

Assessing your application

If your application is complete and your organisation is eligible for consideration, we will assess the application against project and organisational specific criteria closely aligned to the council’s key priorities.

Priority funding applications

The resources available under the council’s grant programmes are constantly under pressure and every year the budget is oversubscribed with requests for funding. Projects which contribute to the criteria outlined above are usually classified as high priority. However, additional priority will be given to bids which:

  • attract partnership or match funding, particularly if funding has already been secured 
  • are initiated by community-based organisations or groups 
  • are supported by evidence of need such as consultation or a parish plan 
  • can demonstrate community support and participation, for example through offers of help in kind  
  • are from first-time applicants – these are people or groups who did not apply to the community grant scheme when it was previously delivered by Ryedale District Council

Application approval

We will send you a grant offer letter detailing the amount, terms, and any special conditions of the award. You must agree to abide by the council’s standard grant conditions when accepting any award.


Grants are paid half in advance, with the remaining half paid on evidenced project completion by sending copies of all relevant receipted invoices to the council. 

Please note that the remaining half of grant funding should be claimed within 18 months of grant approval otherwise the council has the right to withhold payment. 

Grants are paid by bank transfer, with notification being sent to the contact as specified on the application form. We will ask for bank details when an offer of a grant is made and work may be inspected before payments are sent. Alternative payment arrangements can be made by request.

Monitoring the project

We will monitor the impact of all projects funded by the council. This will demonstrate the outcome of awarding grant aid and benefit to the communities of Ryedale. 

Aspects of your project which will need monitoring may include:

  • the benefits the project has achieved
  • how many people or organisations have benefited

When we award a grant and before the grant begins, we will agree with you the things we would like you to monitor. We may also request materials such as photographs to use in future promotions of the scheme or to demonstrate best practice.

Your commitment

To achieve the best return for the Ryedale community from the grants we award, the council expect that:

  • you monitor and evaluate the service or project and its benefit to the Ryedale community 
  • you adhere to the principles of equal opportunities 
  • you undertake to deliver a high quality of service 
  • you recognise any funding contributed by North Yorkshire Council in promotional material 
  • you will provide information for inclusion in case studies 

North Yorkshire Council could withdraw the grant offer if an organisation takes any action which could bring the council into disrepute.

Our commitment

To ensure we provide a service which delivers grant aid to the voluntary sector in a fair and appropriate way, we will: 

  • monitor and evaluate our service to ensure we provide the best service we can 
  • assess all eligible applications against our criteria 
  • acknowledge applications and answer letters within 5 working days of receipt 
  • ensure that no applicant receives less favourable treatment for any reason

If you are not satisfied

Please contact the Ryedale Community Team and we will arrange for an officer to visit your project to discuss possible ways to take your scheme forward.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the application process or administration of your award you can contact us.

Getting help

If you need help filling in the form or require assistance with developing your application or group, please contact Ryedale Community Team. Officers can also direct you to other agencies and funding bodies who may be able to help with your project, including finding match funding. 

We would recommend you make contact prior to completing the application form and we can meet with you to discuss your project. Please contact us.

How we process your information

When we consider your application, we must process your information, some of which is personal. For example, your name, address, email address. We are allowed to process this information because administering the grants is part of our statutory function.  

As part of the grant application process, we will share the details on the application form with elected members and officers of North Yorkshire Council, as well as other relevant organisations such as grant making bodies and Town and Parish Councils to consult with them regarding the application. Information in relation to your grant application will be retained by the Council for two years following the completion of the project. Please see the privacy notice for more information.

If you would like to see the information held about you by the council - known as a subject access request - or have any queries or concerns about how the council processes your personal information, you can do so by contacting: 

Information Governance Office
Veritau Ltd 
County Hall Racecourse Lane Northallerton