School meals food policy

We are a ‘fresh food’ organisation! Our food procurement strategy is based on local and regional sourcing of food which supports local business, provides traceability of produce and contributes to the health and wellbeing of its children and young people. Our service is accredited by the Soil Association under the Food for Life Award scheme.

  • food served will be compliant with The Requirements for School Food Regulations 2014 England, which came into force 1 January 2015
  • meals are prepared fresh each day by caring and committed staff
  • local and regionally produced Farm Assured /Red Tractor fresh meat and poultry are used in the preparation of meals
  • meals are prepared using basic ingredients wherever possible which shall not contain any additive associated with health problems in children and young people including sweeteners, colourings, emulsifiers and thickeners
  • salt is not used in cooking, sugar is being reduced in all recipes
  • only non-hydrogenated fats are used in the preparation of food
  • local and regionally produced free range eggs are used
  • meals provide at least three of the five fruit and vegetables a day
  • food is free from genetically modified ingredients or derivatives
  • meals provide plenty of plant based fibre and slow release carbohydrate
  • meals provide zinc, calcium and vitamins and more iron than the average packed lunch
  • water is always available
  • milk will be low in fat
  • meals are prepared safely in clean, hygienic kitchens by trained catering staff following the HACCP Food Safety Management System
  • in consultation with our customers and chefs, menus are carefully formulated to provide optimum levels of nutrients