Secondary school menu

You can  download a copy of the secondary school menu. (pdf / 2 MB) 

Week 1

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Traditional Crunchy topped mac and cheese (vegetarian) Sausage, beans and wedges Roast chicken and Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes Cottage pie Crispy battered fish and chips
Fusion Sticky pork noodles  Onion bhaji burger bun (medium)with mango chutney and salad (vegan) Fish finger sandwich and lemon mayo Pizza bard (vegetarian and vegan) Biryani burrito (mild)
Street Chicken gyros, salad topped pitta with garlic drizzle Chicken fajita rice pot (medium) Sweet and sour veg noodle pot (vegetarian) Sweet potato curry and rice (vegan) Creamy cheese tomato pasta (vegetarian)
Dessert Waffle and ice cream (vegetarian) Toffee apple muffin (vegetarian) Oatie cookie (vegan) Chocolate orange sponge and chocolate sauce (vegetarian) Summer drizzle cake (vegetarian)

Week 2

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Traditional Fishcake, wedges and ketchup Pizza bar (vegetarian and vegan options) Roast gammon, mashed potatoes and gravy Cheese and potato bake (vegetarian)  Crispy battered fish and chips
Fusion Vegetable quesadilla (vegetarian) Beef keema flatbread with crispy onions No nut satay chicken pitta and slaw  Beef lasagne and garlic flatbread  Sweet and spicy pulled quorn loaded fried (vegan)
Street Chicken sheesh pitta with garlic mayo (medium) Crunchy garlic bread topped tomato pasta (vegetarian) Chilli non-carne rice pot (medium, vegan) BBQ sausage sloppy Joes and spiced potatoes (medium) Carbonara pasta pot
Dessert Summer berry flapjack (vegan) Iced lemon bun (vegan) Apple crumble and custard (vegetarian) Chocolate and vanilla swirl muffin (vegetarian) Cappuccino bars (vegetarian)

Week 3

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Traditional Chicken pie and mashed potatoes Cheeseburger and wedges  Toad in the hole with onion gravy and roast potatoes (vegetarian) Pasta bolognese Crispy battered fish and chips
Fusion Loaded potato skins (vegetarian) Summer veg nachos (vegetarian) Katsu chicken noodle pot (medium) Lemon chicken flatbread Rooster chicken bites with sweet chilli dip (medium)
Street Pizza bar (vegetarian, with vegan option available) Chicken korma, rice and naan bread (medium) Pulled pork and stuffing baguette Cheese and bean parcel (vegetarian) Pepperonata pasta pot (vegetarian)
Dessert Rice pudding and fruit (vegetarian) Lemon shortcake (vegetarian) Marble sponge and custard (vegetarian) Jelly mousse pot (vegetarian) Chocolate orange brownie (vegetarian)

All meals are served with vegetables or salad.

We are unable to guarantee a completely food allergen free environment as foods containing allergens are used in our kitchens. We are able to cater for most dietary requirements - please speak to your catering team if you would like more information on the 14 allergens or any other ingredients used within each meal.