Lost or stray dogs in the Richmondshire area

This service is delivered differently in each area of the county. This information relates to the former district of Richmondshire. Looking for information in another area of the county? You can change the location here.

You can report online a lost or stray dog in the Richmondshire area to our dog warden service.

Stray dogs

If a dog is roaming freely and is not under anyone’s control, we will consider it to be a stray. 

When our dog warden believes that a dog is stray: 

  • they can legally seize and keep the dog 
  • the dog warden will then check the dog for identification and try to contact the owner before taking the dog to the holding kennels 
  • if the dog does not have any identification it will be taken straight to the holding kennels 

The dog will stay at the kennels until it is reclaimed by their owner and a recovery fee is paid. If a dog is not claimed after seven days, it will be re-homed where possible. 

A dog would only be put to sleep if the dog was dangerous or on veterinary advice due to illness. 

Report a lost or found dog in the Richmondshire area

If you have lost or found a dog please complete our online form. 

Report a lost or found dog in the Richmondshire area

Paying for the release of a stray dog

All dogs can be returned to their owner after they have paid all outstanding fees. 

The owner must pay: 

  • a dog warden fee: £78
  • if the dog has been sent to the holding kennels, you will need to pay the dog warden fee and a daily kennel fee:  
    • first day kennel fee - £20
    • additional day kennel fee - £14 per day
Make a stray dog payment online

You will receive an email receipt after payment has been made. Please present this to the dog wardens when you collect your dog. The dog warden will not release any dog until the outstanding fees have been settled.

Make a stray dog payment for a dog found in the Richmondshire area

Dangerous dogs

It is a criminal offence for a person in charge of a dog to allow it to be dangerously out of control in a public place, or for a dog to injure a person on private or public land. 

Dangerous dogs should be reported to the Police by calling 101. 

Offenders can face fines of up to £5,000 and/or a prison sentence.