Lost or stray dogs in the Ryedale area

This service is delivered differently in each area of the county. This information relates to the former district of Ryedale. Looking for information in another area of the county? You can change the location here.

Report a lost or stray dog found in the Ryedale area to us.

Stray dogs

If a dog is roaming freely and is not under anyone’s control, it will be treated as a stray. 

We will respond to all complaints of stray dogs within one working day. Any complaint of a stray dog that is likely to cause a road accident or reports of dogs roaming in packs will be dealt with urgently.  

If we believe the dog is stray: 

  • we can legally seize and keep the dog 
  • we will then check the dog for identification, either by collar and tag or microchip, and the owner will be contacted and informed of the arrangements for returning the dog 
  • if it is not possible or appropriate to return the stray, the owner will be served with a seizure notice stating that the dog has been seized, where it has been kept, and that it will be disposed of unless it is claimed within seven working days and all charges are paid  

If a dog is not claimed after seven days, it will be re-homed where possible. A dog would only be put to sleep by a vet if it cannot be re-homed due to illness, infirmity, or age, etc.  

Please note that animal rescue centres cannot accept stray dogs directly off the streets. The Police no longer accept stray dogs.

Reporting a lost or found dog

You can report a lost or found dog to us online.

If you have lost your dog please give as many details as possible including a description of the dog and where it was last seen. 

Report a lost or found dog in the Ryedale area

If you have lost or found a dog please complete our online form.

Report a lost or found dog in the Ryedale area

Alternatively you can contact us.

Please note that we can only collect stray dogs from you up until 5pm. After this time you can hold onto the dog until the next working day. 

Paying for the release of a stray dog

Dogs can be returned to their owner after they have paid all outstanding fees. 

The owner must pay: 

  • a direct return to owner fee: £28
  • reclaim of lost dog taken to kennels: £45 plus number of days in kennels at £29 per day
  • any vets’ fees