Environmental searches of contaminated land

Request an environmental search of contaminated land and find out the associated costs.

We offer an environmental search facility of our information sources and records to help you make important decisions about potential purchases of domestic, commercial or industrial land and property. There are two levels of search available depending on the information required. 

Contaminated Land Search

This type of search is targeted at solicitors or individuals who are interested in the legal or contamination status of a particular site or property. The information includes: 

  • status of the site under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 
  • priority of the site for Part 2A inspection 
  • historical land use information 
  • summary of any site investigations and/or remediation carried out 

Full Environmental Search

This type of search is targeted at environmental consultants who are interested in finding out a wide range of information on a particular site, including the surrounding area, to assist them in the preparation of preliminary risk assessments. The information provided includes the Part 2A and historical land use information listed above but also includes additional information on: 

  • closed and active landfill sites
  • part A and part B installations
  • pollution incidents
  • air quality
  • statutory nuisances, including complaints
  • private water supplies

View the Environmental Search policy in your area

Former Craven district area

Former Hambleton district area

Search fees 

  • contaminated land search - £91 
  • full environmental search - £127 

Photocopies of reports can be obtained for an additional fee in accordance with our standard fees and charges. 

Requesting a search 

Request a search online

Please include a plan showing the site and boundary clearly defined; this can be provided by letter or electronically as a pdf file. We aim to provide the information within 10 working days from receipt of payment. Please note that we do not issue environmental certificates confirming the presence or otherwise of any contamination on the site for mortgages or other purposes. 

You can pay by cash, cheque, debit/credit card or you can send a company purchase order. 

Please note: 

  • cash can only be paid at the council offices, do not send cash through the post 
  • cheques must be made payable to North Yorkshire Council
  • card payments can be made in person, by telephone (01609 779977) or online
  • purchase orders must be in writing on official company forms; they must include a purchase order number and an address to send the invoice to (if different from the main company address)

Former Harrogate borough area

Former Richmondshire district area

Former Ryedale district area

Former Scarborough borough area

Former Selby district area

Search fees 

  • contaminated land search - £69.34 (+VAT)
  • full environmental search - £92.45 (+VAT)

Requesting a search 

Request a search online

Once payment is received, we aim to conduct the search within 5-20 working days. If we do not receive payment within 60 days of your request, we will assume you are not proceeding.