Pest control in North Yorkshire

Find out how to prevent pest infestations, which areas we offer a pest control service in for residents and businesses, along with our treatment fees.

Controlling pests

Pests within the home are a nuisance and can be a health hazard.

There are many different types of pests which you may find in your property. These could include rats, mice, birds and insects. 

How to prevent pest infestations

You should make sure that your property is free of food and water sources or where pests can find shelter. Make sure you:

  • keep your garden clean and tidy
  • clear up any fallen fruit immediately
  • do not put out large amounts of food for birds - use a special bird feeder and regularly sweep up any food that spills onto the ground
  • keep rubbish in proper containers with lids on until your waste collection day
  • place compost bins over galvanised steel mesh and ensure that the lid fits tightly 

Pest control advice

You can treat most common pests yourself using:

  • powders
  • sprays
  • foams

You can also deal with vermin such as mice and rats by using traps. All these products are available from supermarkets, garden centres and hardware stores.

Check the British Pest Control Association's A to Z of pests web page to see how you should deal with different insects and animals.

Dealing with pests safely

When treating pests yourself follow the manufacturer's instructions and Health and Safety best practice at all times.

As pesticides are poisonous make sure you:

  • avoid ingesting, breathing in or making contact with the skin
  • keep children and animals away from sprayed areas until they are completely dry, and away from solid bait
  • do not use pesticides on food preparation surfaces or store them in food cupboards

Which areas do we provide a pest control service in?

We provide a pest control service in the:

Please note that we do not provide a pest control service in: 

  • the Craven area 
  • the Scarborough area 
  • the Selby area 

If you are a resident or have a business located in these areas, and have a problem with pests, insects, rats/mice, you should contact a professional pest control company who will be able to carry out the required treatment. For further information visit the British Pest Control Association website or the National Pest Technicians Association website

Our Environmental Health teams have legal powers to make sure that owners keep their land free from large numbers of rats and mice and to deal with infestations. We are however unable to investigate complaints about domestic buildings where the source of infestation is unknown.