Choose to Lose adult weight management programme in Richmondshire

Choose to Lose is a free adult weight management programme for those registered with a GP, living or working in Richmondshire who are aged 18 or over.

Choose to Lose is an adult weight management service. It is free to anyone over 18 who is registered with a GP in Richmondshire and lives or works in Richmondshire with a body mass index of 30 or above, or 25 and above if you have comorbidities. You can calculate your body mass index on the NHS website.

We can help you find the best way for you to succeed on your weight loss journey and can offer some bespoke sessions. If you are ready to commit to a 24 week programme and want to feel healthier, Choose to Lose could be the programme for you.

Join the programme

If you would like to join this weight management programme please read our adult weight management privacy notice and complete the following online form: 

Choose to Lose expression of interest form

Or you can call us on 01748 901 046.

Case study 

Natalie Read spent her mid-20s feeling depressed about her fluctuating weight and health problems.

But with the help of the North Yorkshire adult weight management programme, 29 year old Natalie is now a fitness model and is qualifying to become a personal trainer.

The mother-of-one began the programme in 2019 as a size 20 and weighing 17 stone.

“At the beginning I didn’t have faith in the programme as I’d tried losing weight so many times before,” said Natalie. “I was suffering from anxiety and depression so at the time I was in a rut and it was hard to imagine much progression.

“However, with the help of tutor I soon began exercising which had a positive impact on my mental health. It wasn’t just about the weight loss for me, it was about feeling better about myself.”

After losing eight stone, Natalie has continued to exercise since finishing the programme at the beginning of 2020. She bought a bike in the first lockdown and now makes it a regular routine to cycle on Scarborough seafront.

A health scare last year which led to three brain surgeries and time in intensive care has not set her back. She is keener than ever to seize every day and inspire others who are struggling to shed the pounds.

“I enjoy inspiring other people as I needed somebody to do that for me,” added Natalie. “I’m now doing workout videos from home and by becoming a personal trainer I want to show people that exercise is enjoyable as this was key to my weight loss.

“To be carrying excess weight as well as suffering from depression at such a young age was terrible. I want to show young people that they can turn their lives around and that support is out there.”