Energy efficiency advice for Hambleton

Find out about the schemes, services and grants available to keep your home warm and save you money.

Energy efficiency schemes

Some schemes are operated by us and some are operated by partner organisations. What is available changes regularly, so we advise contacting us to get the most up-to-date information available.

Some of the grant schemes provide direct access to free home improvements if a member of your household receives a health or income-based benefit. 

To check if you are claiming what you're entitled to, visit the Government website and use the benefit calculators

Help to pay energy bills is available for people on low incomes. Advice is available on the Government website.

Home Upgrade Grant - phase 2

A new grant is now available providing energy efficiency upgrades and clean heating systems to low-income households that are not on mains gas.

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2) can be used for improvements such as insulation and solar panels to air source heat pumps and smart heating controls. These will help save money on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Register your details with us to find out if you could be eligible for the grant.

Self help

If you are not eligible for any of the schemes but still want to improve your property, you can pay for energy improvement measures if you can afford them. Do your research and shop around so you are aware of the various schemes and options available to you.

The Government website features measures that may be suitable for your home. 

A good starting point would be to check if you have an existing energy performance certificate for your property. Your certificate can be found on the Government website. The certificate will tell you how your property is performing and what improvements can be made.

We should all be aiming for a property rating of C or above. The cost for an energy performance certificate varies depending on the size and location of the property but prices are likely to be in the range of £60 to £120 for an average home. If you do not have a certificate, you can find an energy assessor to provide one for you on the Government website.

In Hambleton, we have many properties that are hard to heat because of their age or the fact that they are off gas, in conservation areas or have listed building status. These can present some problems when trying to improve energy efficiency but, in most cases, they can be overcome. You can find more information and advice about conservation areas and listed buildings here

More information

For more information about the energy efficiency schemes currently available, please contact us

You should let us know that you have an energy efficiency query and provide your contact details. 

An officer will contact you within five working days to discuss your query and provide information on any schemes that may be available and how to apply for them.