Help with paying rent and mortgages in the Selby area

If you cannot pay your rent or mortgage, or have missed payments, there is help available.

Mortgage and rent payments are priority debts and should always be paid first. If you are having problems, there are a number of services and schemes that can help.

The most important thing to do is to take action as soon as possible and not ignore any problems you may have.

In the Selby area, the following could help.

Our housing options team

If you are in mortgage or rent arrears and your landlord or lender is considering, or has begun, action to repossess your home, it is important to take action. Mortgage lenders have to follow specific rules before they can take legal action or repossess your home. Contact our housing options team as soon as possible. They can give you advice and refer you to specialist advisors if relevant.

Contact us

Selby Citizens Advice Bureau

Call the bureau on 0808 278 7900

The address is:

38 Ousegate,
North Yorkshire,

Website: Selby Citizens Advice Bureau

National Homelessness Advice Service

The National Homelessness Advice Service website has lots of information that can help you if you are at risk of homelessness. 

The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service offers free advice to plan for debt repayments. Visit the Money Helper website to find out more.


PayPlan offers help with contacting people you owe money to and arranging lower payments to make things more affordable. Visit the PayPlan website to find more information.

The National Debt Helpline

The National Debt Helpline will give you all the help you need to deal with your debts yourself. The help is free. Visit the National Debt Line website


The StepChange debt charity is a non-profit organisation offering free advice and comprehensive support. Visit the StepChange website to find out more.


Visit the Shelter website.

Further information

For more general information, please contact us