Policies which we take into consideration for planning applications for minerals development and when deciding such applications.

The policies were due to expire on the 27 September 2007, but the government has allowed some to be extended, or 'saved', until policies being developed in the minerals and waste development framework supersede them.

The 'saved' policies will continue to form part of the statutory development plan and provide the local policy framework for development control decisions until they are replaced by ones in the minerals and waste plan.

The original minerals local plan is displayed below, but reference to 'saved' policies must be made when considering future development.

Minerals local plan - saved policies

Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter three - mineral extraction and resource protection    
3/1 - Landbanks   green tick
3/2 - Preferred areas green tick  
3/3 - Areas of search green tick  
3/4 - Other areas green tick  
3/5 - Building sand, non aggregate and energy minerals   green tick
3/6 - Mineral consultation   green tick
3/7 - Mineral sterilisation   green tick
3/8 - Secondary and recycled aggregates   green tick


Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter four - environmental protection    
4/1 - Determination of planning applications green tick  
4/2 - Best and most versatile agricultural land   green tick
4/3 - Areas of outstanding natural beauty   green tick
4/4 - Heritage coasts green tick  
4/5 - Other areas of landscape quality   green tick
4/6 - Nature conservation and habitat protection - national and international   green tick
4/6a - Nature conservation and habitat protection - local green tick  
4/7 - Archaeological assessments   green tick
4/8 - Archaeological sites   green tick
4/9 - Other heritage features   green tick
4/10 - Water protection green tick  
4/11 - River extraction green tick  
4/12 - Transport   green tick
4/13 - Traffic impact green tick  
4/14 - Local environment and amenity green tick  
4/15 - Public rights of way green tick  
4/16 - Ancillary and secondary operation green tick  
4/17 - Importation of waste green tick  
4/18 - Restoration to agriculture green tick  
4/19 - Progressive restoration   green tick
4/20 - Aftercare green tick  



Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter five - aggregate minerals    
5/1 - Sand and gravel landbanks green tick  
5/2 - Sand and gravel provision   green tick
5/3 - Sand and gravel (southwards) preferred areas   green tick
5/4 - Crushed rock provision   green tick
5/5 - Crushed rock preferred areas and areas of search green tick  
5/6 - Borrow pits green tick  



Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter six - deep mined coal    
6/1 - Environmental statement   green tick
6/2 - Deep mining of coal green tick  
6/3 - Evaluative framework technique green tick  
6/4 - Colliery spoil disposal green tick  
6/5 - Colliery waste tips green tick  
6/6 - Transport   green tick
6/7 - Subsidence   green tick



Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter seven - oil and gas    
7/1 - Noise   green tick
7/2 - Exploration boreholes green tick  
7/3 - Identifying of geological structure green tick  
7/4 - Appraisal boreholes green tick  
7/5 - Production wells green tick  
7/6 - Development scheme green tick  
7/7 - Development of new reserves green tick  
7/8 - Gathering stations green tick  
7/9 - Transport   green tick
7/10 - Restoration green tick  
7/11 - Retention of features green tick  
7/12 - Pipelines green tick  



Policy Saved Not saved
Chapter nine - other issues    
9/1 - Landbanks   green tick

Strategy and policy context

North Yorkshire minerals and waste plan

The North Yorkshire minerals and waste plan is a collection of emerging planning policy documents which once adopted will replace the minerals local plan existing policies.

For more information

For more information on the mineral local plan please email mwdf@northyorks.gov.uk.


 Minerals local plan saved policies letter (pdf / 2 MB)