Knaresborough neighbourhood plan

The emerging Knaresborough neighbourhood plan is being prepared by Knaresborough Town Council.

The neighbourhood area is the parish of Knaresborough; this is the area covered by the town council.

When made the neighbourhood plan will form part of the statutory development plan for the Harrogate district and its policies will be used to determine applications for planning permission in the neighbourhood area.

Progress against key milestones during plan preparation is detailed below. Further information is available from the town council at the Knaresborough Town Council website or by contacting


July 2023: Neighbourhood plan submitted to the local planning authority

Knaresborough Town Council has successfully submitted a neighbourhood plan and supporting documents to North Yorkshire Council.

As the local planning authority, we will arrange a six week consultation on the documents and the comments received will form the basis of an independent examination of the plan.

The consultation will take place in due course and further information will added to this webpage.

If you wish to be notified when the consultation starts please register on our Harrogate area consultation portal. If you are already registered to receive Harrogate area planning policy consultation notifications you do not need to re-register.

October 2017: Consultation on the pre-submission draft neighbourhood plan

Knaresborough Town Council is consulting on a pre-submission draft of their neighbourhood plan. This consultation relates to regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012.

The Knaresborough neighbourhood plan: pre-submission consultation draft has been developed following informal public engagement and includes the draft policies that the town council wish to see put in place, as well as information to justify the proposed policies. The plan does not propose to allocate land for development.

The consultation takes place for six weeks between 16 October 2017 and 27 November 2017. The consultation documents and further information, including how to submit comments, are available from the Knaresborough Town Council website. A summary of the pre-submission draft plan can also be viewed below:

 Knaresborough neighbourhood plan: pre-submission draft summary (October 2017) (pdf / 2 MB)

May 2013: Neighbourhood area designation

Following an application from Knaresborough Town Council, we have formally designated a Knaresborough neighbourhood area. The town council will now begin to develop a neighbourhood plan with the local community.

Documents relating to the designation can be viewed below:

 Knaresborough: Neighbourhood area decision notice (pdf / 122 KB)

 Knaresborough: Report to the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Economic Development (pdf / 308 KB)

 Knaresborough: Application supporting statement (pdf / 180 KB)

 Knaresborough: Map of the neighbourhood area (pdf / 1 MB)

December 2012: Consultation on proposed neighbourhood area designation

We are consulting on the proposed designation of a Knaresborough neighbourhood area. The consultation takes place between 14 December 2012 and 25 January 2013. This follows the receipt of an application for designation from the Knaresborough Town Council.

Documents relating to the consultation can be viewed below:

 Knaresborough Neighbourhood area consultation leaflet (pdf / 1 MB)