Site submission form

The deadline for call for sites submissions passed on 12 March 2021 and any further submissions of sites will no longer be accepted for the emerging local plan.

As part of our call for sites exercise, we encouraged developers, landowners and the wider public to put forward potential development sites to be considered in the planning documents, such as the new local plan.

If you have a new site you wish to promote to us for any future local plans, please complete the form below, attaching a site location plan identifying the site in red.

 Site submission form (pdf / 238 KB)

Sites submitted - interactive map

The sites submitted are being considered for the new local plan and do not represent an intention of us to allocate or give permission to these sites.

A map of sites already submitted and their preferred use as indicated by the site promoter is available in the map below:

Site submission map

It is important to note on the map there are two different shapefiles shown upon opening the map, one showing sites submitted during the initial call for sites in a grey outline, and a second shapefile showing the additional sites submitted during the preferred options local plan consultation in a black outline.

 Guide for how to use the map (docx / 129 KB)