Selby new local plan

The new local plan is a vision and framework for the future growth of our district, identifying where new housing, employment and other development could take place. It also sets out the policies we'll use to decide on planning applications.

The preparation of a new local plan will help to ensure that we have a development plan for the whole district, in line with current national planning guidance which properly reflects its economic strategy and corporate priorities.

Timescales for preparation of the local plan

The local development scheme sets out the timescales for the preparation of the local plan.

The local plan sets a framework for future development in the former Selby district area up to 2040. We will use it to guide decisions on planning applications and to support work with developers.

The decision to proceed with the Selby local plan for the former Selby district area was approved by North Yorkshire Council on 23 February 2023 and 21 February 2024.

A key driver for the progression of the Selby local plan is to ensure a continued supply of housing sites. Until the new North Yorkshire Local Plan is adopted for North Yorkshire, housing supply calculations and the housing delivery test will continue to be assessed on a former district boundary basis.

Continuing with the Selby local plan will ensure that the council continues to take positive steps to manage housing delivery within the Selby area and will retain a plan-led approach. Having an up-to-date Selby local plan in place will give certainty for the community, landowners, developers and service and infrastructure providers on the amount of land needed to provide new developments and where this will take place.

Therefore, given the advanced stage that the Selby local plan had reached, the council decided to make a revised publication version for consultation reflecting the latest evidence and guidance, including updates to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF 2023) and which addresses issues raised through the previous consultation, including revisions to policies and site allocations.

Interactive map

The interactive map shows the proposals for the emerging local plan at its most recent stage (pre-submission revised publication local plan). For information on how to navigate and use our interactive map please see our  how to guide (docx / 129 KB).

Revised publication local plan consultation - closed

A six-week consultation on the Pre-Submission Revised Publication Selby Local Plan took place from 8 March to 19 April 2024.

All documents and information relating to the consultation on the revised publication Selby local plan are available on our consultation portal.

Publication local plan Autumn 2022 - consultation closed.

We held a nine-week consultation on the proposed submission documents relating to the Selby district local plan, from Friday 26 August to 5pm on Friday 28 October 2022.

Evidence base documents - consultation closed.

We held a six-week consultation from 3 September to 15 October 2021 on the following evidence base documents to support the Selby district local plan:

  • green belt review (2021)
  • greenspace audit (2021)
  • local plan and CIL viability report (2021)
  • indoor and outdoor sports facilities assessment (2021)

Additional sites - consultation closed.

We held a six-week consultation from Monday 2 August until 5pm on 13 September 2021 on the additional sites document. The consultation is now closed, we will now consider responses to the plan and more information will be given in due course.

All documents can be viewed on our consultation portal.

Preferred options - consultation closed.

We held a six-week consultation between 29 January and 12 March 2021 for the preferred options local plan 2021, the consultation is now closed. We will now consider responses to the plan and more information will be given in due course.

Issues and options - consultation closed.

We held a six-week consultation from 24 January to 6 March 2020 on the local plan issues and options document.

The comments received during the consultation - along with our responses, are available to view on our consultation portal.