Leisure facilities at Scarborough Harbour

Find information on facilities, mooring, berthing and parking at Scarborough Harbour.

Scarborough is home to approximately 300 leisure craft, the majority of which moor within the outer harbour. These range from chain moorings and alongside berths to pontoon moorings.

The leisure craft are serviced by our local port services staff who are located on the West Pier. 

Visitors are restricted to a maximum stay of 14 days.

A slipway is located on Sandside for launching. A full range of facilities are available for vessel owners. There are plenty of local amenities. 

All vessels exceeding 37 metres overall length require pilotage.

Jetskis are not permitted in Scarborough harbour limits. This includes the south bay of Scarborough.


  • laundry, toilets and showers are all available in the Marina Facilities Building at the entrance to the Vincent Pier (access is via key fob from Local Port Services). Please do not use the ships head whilst in port
  • water: available free of charge on the pontoons and at various locations around the harbour (contact lighthouse attendant or Local Port Services)
  • electricity: contact Local Port Services
  • car parking: Parking is available on the Marine Drive and West Pier
  • fuel: Contact: Certas Energy 0345 6004040 (over 200 ltrs)
  • safety: Safety equipment is provided (please take note of the equipment available and its location)
  • refuse: domestic refuse can be placed in the bin adjacent to the steps to the pontoon berths marked L/H
  • waste oil: container located on West Pier (please contact harbour staff if you need assistance)
  • weather forecast: these can be obtained from the lighthouse attendant or Local Port Services
  • slipway: (located on Sandside) keys and permits available from the lighthouse attendant or Local Port Services - please read the Scarborough Harbour launch notice
  • storage: there is no vessel storage provision at Scarborough Harbour
  • crane: a crane is on the Vincent Pier - use of the crane can be arranged by contacting Local Port Services


The moorings available for leisure craft in Scarborough are:

Inner harbour pontoons

Floating pontoon moorings are located in the inner harbour and berths are available in 8, 10 and 12 metres. Water is available free of charge. Electricity can be added to a smart card at Local Port Services.

Outer harbour


These are located in the south-west corner of the harbour below the lighthouse. Water is available free of charge. Electricity can be added to a smart card at Local Port Services. Vessels must be capable of taking the ground in a soft sandy bottom.

Harbour flats

These are located in the centre of the outer harbour between the East Pier and Vincent Pier. These are mainly reserved for deeper drafted fin keel yachts with cradles. Berth holders are required to supply their own cradles and moorings.


These are located alongside the Vincent and East Pier in the outer harbour. These moorings dry out so vessels must be capable of safely taking the ground in an upright position.

Permanent berths

We operate a waiting list procedure. It is £25 to join the waiting list and this deposit will be deducted from the first invoice when a berth is accepted.

 Complete the waiting list application form (pdf / 350 KB) and return it to us. Contact us for our details.

  • the berths are allocated from 1 April to 31 March
  • pontoon moorings are available in the inner and outer harbours
  • alongside berthing is available for vessels with a shallow draft that can take the bottom
  • cradle berthing for deeper draft fin keel yachts in the centre of the outer harbour (you will need to provide your own cradles)
  • please take note of the safety equipment provided and its location (Local Port Services is a 24 hour watch keeping system employing CCTV surveillance)
  • raise the alarm, contact Local Port Services or the Lighthouse. Harbour staff will contact the fire services if they have not already been called. Clear the area of any people particularly down wind of fire. Leave the area in an orderly manner.
  • ensure that your craft is properly secured with bow, stern lines and springs adequate to requirements
  • all berth holders must produce a copy of their insurance with a minimum third party limit of £3,000,000
  • the leisure craft are serviced by Local Port Services on the West Pier and the Lighthouse (summer season) on the Vincent Pier. The opening hours of the Lighthouse reflect the seasonal fluctuation of vessels and visitors. The lighthouse itself is not open to the public

Berthing map

Berthing map of Scarborough Harbour


Car parking

Public parking is available on the West Pier and Marine Drive.

Members of Scarborough Yacht Club are entitled to apply for a permit to park on East Pier.