Launch notice for Scarborough Harbour

Important notice for those using a Harbour Authority facility.

To persons in charge of launched craft 

You are using a Harbour Authority facility and are recommended to take note of the following:

  • You should have valid third-party insurance cover to a minimum liability of £3 million.
  • Check the weather forecast and observe the state of the sea before attempting to launch, ensure your vessel is capable of handling any conditions that will be encountered during the voyage.
  • Before proceeding to sea notify the coastguard or an appropriate person onshore.
  • Ensure the safety strop/chain is connected when towing the trailer. Trailers must not be left on the slipway or where they may obstruct the launching and recovery of other boats.
  • As a minimum you should carry on your vessel, distress flares, suitable lifejackets for all, a marine VHF radio and monitor channels 16 and 12. You should also have on-board a secondary means of propulsion.
  • When in the Harbour or the Harbour entrance, proceed at a slow speed. Always ensure that your vessel is handled in a competent manner and that you avoid taking unnecessary risk.
  • You are responsible for any damage or disturbance caused by your wash. COLREGS apply within the harbour.

If in any doubt contact port control on CH 12 or Scarborough Harbour on 01723 373877/373530 further advice is available from the RNLI lifeboat station or HM Coastguard