Bikeability and safe driving and cycling tips

Information about further training and advice available for motorists and cyclists, to improve safety for all road users.

Road safety for cyclists - Bikeability

We offer level 1 and 2 Bikeability courses to all year 5 and 6 pupils via primary schools. For adults and older children, Bikeability level 3 is also available.

Find out more about Bikeability

If you are interested in your child participating in a Bikeability scheme, please contact your child's school directly.

If you are an adult interested in training, or your child's school is not currently participating, you can contact us for information.

More safer cycling resources

More safer driving resources

Roadwise is the website of the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership. You can find information on:

  • current campaigns and posters
  • advanced driving
  • changes in the law
  • buying a safe car
  • safer driving tips

Driving safely around other road users

Cyclists and horses are vulnerable compared to cars, vans and other larger vehicles. It's important to be aware of the rules of the road, and the rights of other road users. Below are some tips and links that you might find useful.

You can find information about driving safely around pedestrians here

What does the highway code say about cyclists on the road?

You can read the highway code and the rules surrounding motorists and cyclists here.

Some points to remember are:

  • cyclists and motorbikes can be difficult to spot, especially when coming up behind you in a vehicle - check blind spots on both sides
  • pay attention to their actions - if they look over their shoulder, they may be about to signal a manoeuvre
  • give them time and space on the road
  • pay attention to any sudden moves they may need to make, or particular hazards such as standing water or ice
  • it is perfectly legal for a cyclist to 'undertake' or filter, in order to move through slow traffic. It's important to be aware that cyclists may come up behind your car from the left or the right hand side

You will find further advice, as well as videos, resources and the latest campaigns at THINK!

Driving alongside cyclists

The video from THINK! shows some everyday situations where you can adapt your driving to be more aware of cyclists using the road with you.

  • look out for cyclists at junctions, especially when turning
  • always indicate early and in good time so cyclists can react
  • don't overtake cyclists on the approach to a junction
  • don't cross or encroach on the cyclist waiting area at junctions
  • always give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking
  • always check for cyclists before opening your car door

Overtaking horses safely

It's important to take care when passing horses on the road that you:

  • slow down
  • be patient - don't sound your horn or rev your engine
  • pass wide - at least a car's width
  • drive slowly away

The video shows some real-life examples and you can find more advice from THINK! and from Safer Driving for Life from the DVLA.