Parking suspensions and dispensations in the Whitby and Scarborough area

Find out about suspending parking bays and getting permission to park on yellow lines.

Parking dispensations 

A dispensation allows a vehicle to park lawfully in what would otherwise normally be a contravention of a traffic regulation order, for example, on a double yellow line. 

It allows parking where alternative arrangements cannot be made. 

A dispensation to allow parking on single or double yellow lines, in pay and display or restricted bays are only issued when the use of a vehicle is absolutely necessary for completion of the task at hand. 

Inconvenience or difficulty alone are not suitable justifications for a dispensation to be issued. 

A dispensation does not permit general parking. Once the purpose for the dispensation has been fulfilled, the motorist is then required to move their vehicle to a legal parking space. 

A dispensation does not guarantee a parking space. 

We can issue a dispensation for: 

  • furniture removals 
  • building, maintenance and repair works where close proximity to the site is essential 
  • the hearse and chief mourners vehicles at a funeral 
  • the bridal and attendants vehicles at a wedding 
  • vehicles essential to filming operations 
  • other circumstances in which the council may reasonably regard the requirement to be essential 

Apply for a parking dispensation 

Applications should be received at least 3 working days before the required date, unless in an emergency. 

Once the application has been approved the dispensation will be issued to you via post or email. 

The dispensation must be displayed within the vehicle. They are uniquely numbered and can only be used for the location described on the application.  

The conditions for use are stated on the back of the dispensation and must be adhered to. 

Failure to display the dispensation in the vehicle, or adhere to the conditions of use may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. 

Apply for a parking dispensation

Parking suspensions 

A suspension prohibits parking for vehicles in a particular parking place. The suspension temporarily removes the parking regulations in place and prevents parking of unauthorised vehicles. 

When a suspension is in place, only the applicant is allowed to park in the suspended area. 

A yellow board detailing the dates and reason for the suspension will be erected at the place where the suspension will be in place. This will be in place approximately five working days, except in an emergency, before the suspension is due to take place to advertise to motorists of the upcoming suspension. While the suspension is in force cones will also be present to prevent parking. 

We can issue parking suspensions for: 

  • traffic movement and safety 
  • essential building/ maintenance work 
  • furniture removals 
  • filming 
  • special events 
  • weddings or funerals 

Apply for a parking suspension

You should apply at least 7 days before the date you need the suspension, unless it’s an emergency. This gives us time to visit the site and advertise the suspension locally. 

You can apply to have the suspension period extended if required. You should give 3 working days notice when asking for an extension.

Apply for a parking suspension


Prices are per vehicle, there will be no charge in respect of funerals.


  • First day
    • Restricted bays - £12
    • Yellow lines - £12
    • Pay and display - £17
  • Subsequent Days
    • Restricted bays - £4
    • Yellow lines - £4
    • Pay and display - £6


  • First day
    • Restricted bays - £40
    • Pay and display - £40
  • Subsequent Days
    • Restricted bays - £5
    • Pay and display - £10