Specialist business advice and support

In addition to the existing support offered to local businesses through the York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub, SPF has funded three new specialists who are focused on supporting organisations, people, and businesses in the following areas:

  • pre-startup: reaching out and highlighting self-employment and business startup opportunities, fostering relationships between education providers and employers, promoting apprenticeships and development of vocational skills
  • workforce skills development: working with businesses to help them put in place and deliver long term skills plans to improve recruitment and retention
  • energy/cost reduction: working with businesses to help them reduce their costs and/or carbon footprint, by putting action plans in place and supporting businesses to deliver on those plans

To find out more or request support:

Advice and support are available to anyone residing in or operating a business or organisation in North Yorkshire.

You can also find information about current and upcoming business support programmes on the Growth Hub website.