Specialist sector skills

To fund the development and delivery of training to businesses and their supply chain who are working within the five priority sectors identified as being critical to delivering economic growth in the region and the foundation sectors which significantly impact the local economy.

The five priority sectors are:

  • agri-tec innovation
  • sustainable energy and bioeconomy
  • digital technology, data and creative industries
  • advanced manufacturing including transport technology
  • health, life sciences innovation

The foundation sectors are:

  • the visitor economy
  • construction
  • health and social care

For this programme we have looked to procure a lead provider to develop, coordinate and manage a delivery partnership of providers covering both the key worker role and specialist intervention support for both inactive residents and those in work.

The route to market for these programmes is through a procurement process via an Approved Provider List (APL). The APL is a pre- approval process enabling skills provision to be contracted and delivered more effectively and efficiently, in response to the needs of the local area. This process is now closed, the next stage of the process will be a mini procurement (call off) for the UKSPF Programmes and only for those successful on the APL process.

Delivery partners/sub providers

For those organisations wishing to be considered as a sub-provider in the delivery contracts, please email UKSPF@yorknorthyorks-ca.gov.uk stating you wish to be on the sub-provider list. This list will be passed to the organisation awarded with each contract, however they will be under no obligation to use this list of providers if they choose not to. Organisations wishing to be sub providers do not have to enrol in the APL to be considered.

More information on this programme will be made available upon the appointment of a lead provider.