Social care needs assessment

We have a duty to carry out an assessment of anyone, over the age of 18, who appears to require care and support, regardless of their likely eligibility for state-funded care.

This means anyone, irrespective, of their financial situation, can request an assessment of their care and support needs.

An assessment means having a conversation about you and your life. We will talk with you about your current situation, the effect this might have on your wellbeing and the outcomes you want to achieve. This helps us to understand what your needs are and how help you plan for your future. 

Requesting an assessment

You can complete a care and support initial assessment online quickly and easily. The service is available 24 hours a day.

To help you complete the form, you may need:

  • pension statement
  • bank or building society statements 
  • property details
  • trust funds
  • stocks and shares
  • council tax
  • rent payments
  • fuel bills
  • water bills

What happens next?

Once submitted, the care and support team will contact you to discuss your circumstances. A friend or relative can help you with your assessment. With your permission, we may talk to people such as your doctor, nurses or others who visit you or care for you. 

We will talk to you about information and advice which may help you manage your needs and maintain your independence. We will also give you information about services that are available in your community which can help to prevent, reduce and delay.

With your permission, these details will be passed to our social care assessment team who will then speak to you about:

  • your own strengths
  • what you can do for yourself
  • what help and support is around you
  • where you have difficulties
  • what your skills, ambitions and priorities are

AskSARA online self-assessment

You can use the free AskSARA online self-assessment tool to look at ways of helping yourself in your own home. This is instead of contacting us directly for a needs assessment.

Paying for care

You will have to pay for some social care services you receive. 

Our paying for care at home page has information on paying for care services to keep you safe and independent at home.

Our paying for residential or nursing home care page has information about the cost of moving into a care home.