Change of circumstances in the Ryedale area

The law says you have to tell us if there is any change to the information we have used to decide your entitlement to Housing Benefits.

You have to tell us about any change straight away. You still need to let us know even if you have only just claimed, or you have already told another organisation like Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service or your landlord.

When we send out your notification letters the information is based on the circumstances you have most recently informed us of. If any of your circumstances change, it may affect the amount of benefit you receive. There is the possibility that you may get too much and have to pay it back. You could even have your benefit stopped or possibly face criminal charges for fraud.

If the change results in you being entitled to more Housing Benefit, we may not be able to backdate your change in circumstances and you could lose out if you do not notify us within one calendar month of the date of this change.

You need to tell us about changes in your circumstances if:

  • you are moving home, changing your tenancy or getting a new landlord
  • you need to change where, how or to whom we pay your benefits
  • you have changed your name, your employment, the benefits you receive, your income or had a change in savings
  • the people in your household's circumstances change
  • anyone in your household changes their name, their employment, the benefits they get, their income or have a change in their savings
  • someone moves out or a new person moves in
  • a child changes school

If you are admitted to hospital for any period of time you must inform us as soon as possible. It is important we know the date you are admitted and the date you leave in order to calculate any changes to your benefits.

If you are not sure, it is always better to tell us. Contact us to report a change of circumstances.