Pest control for the Ryedale area

Find out which pests we can treat if you are a resident or business in the Ryedale area.

Pest control

All of our pest control teams are fully qualified to take care of pests in your home or business. We provide one off treatments as well as ongoing contracts.


Our pest control service will provide treatments for: 

  • ants - only inside your property
  • certain types of beetle, such as biscuit beetle or larder beetle - only inside your property
  • cockroaches 
  • fleas and mites 
  • fly infestation - only inside your property
  • certain types of moth 
  • mice - only inside your property 
  • rats 
  • grey squirrels 
  • wasps - it is not always possible to treat a wasp nest if it’s in a difficult location, for example, a high roof or near to an electricity wire

Some pest treatments will require more than one visit. Our treatment prices include the number of visits that need to be made to deal with the problem. 


We do not provide a service for treating bees.  

If you want some help to identify bees or need to have a swarm safely removed, please visit the British Beekeepers Association website. Check with the beekeeper if there are any expenses, such as travel costs, that they may expect you to pay before making any arrangements with them. 

Fees and charges

VAT is included in advertised prices.

Call-out fees

We may charge a £71 call-out charge if: 

  • we find it is not practical or safe to carry out the treatment once we arrive at your property or business 
  • you are not in when we visit on the arranged date 
  • there is no need to provide a treatment, for example, the problem has been resolved 
  • we are called out to deal with wasps and they are identified as bees 

Pest control treatment charges

You will be sent an invoice after we have finished treatment. Please note that if insects need to be sent away for identification, there will be a £42 fee for this.

Book a pest control visit

You should contact us to book a pest control visit.

Treatment charges for domestic premises

The following fees and charges apply from April 2023: 

Domestic charges  Unit of charge  £ charge (incl VAT) 
Advice visit/call-out (deducted from cost of treatment if applicable)  Per visit  £71
All rodents (up to three visits)  Per treatment  £87
Each additional visit  Per treatment  £36
Wasps nest  Per visit  £73
Each additional nest  Per treatment  £19
Bed bugs (up to four visits and maximum three rooms)  Per treatment  £318
Silverfish and woodlice (up to two visits) Per treatment £87
Fleas Per treatment  £180
Cockroaches and moths (up to four visits) Per treatment  £191
Special domestic (where two operatives are required)  Per visit  £141
Cancellation charge (less than 24 hours notice)    £33
Concessionary flat charge  Per visit  £41

A concessionary flat charge will be given to those receiving: 

  • housing benefit 
  • council tax reduction 
  • income support 
  • pension credit guarantee 
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income based) 
  • Job Seekers Allowance (income based) 
  • Universal Credit  

Treatment charges for commercial premises

We offer businesses a bespoke pest control service. Please contact us for more information and to request a visit.

Frequently asked questions

How does pest control work?

Our pest control team will: 

  • arrange to visit you during our office hours 
  • identify pests with technical advice and follow up with treatment when necessary 
  • use poisons safely and give you advice sheets including health and safety requirements 
  • ask our environmental health team for help, when needed 
  • send you an invoice when the work is complete 
  • charge you a flat rate if you receive benefits such as housing benefit, Universal Credit or council tax benefit 

How can I help?

You can help by: 

  • understanding that the materials we use can be harmful to humans, pets and wildlife - always follow our advice sheets and never interfere with baits or poisons 
  • keeping any appointment that you make with us - if you need to cancel please tell us in good time as there is a cancellation charge of £33 if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice 
  • paying promptly 
  • telling our team if any areas are dangerous or unsafe 

What happens after treatment?

We will: 

  • remove all pesticides, pesticide containers and all pest carcasses (where possible) 
  • provide information on the extent of the problem and the treatment we have carried out 
  • give you safety instructions for any of the pesticides we used 

Do you provide contracts for businesses?

Yes. Our qualified and experienced team can provide: 

  • a free survey of any commercial property 
  • help and guidance on pest management systems, including proofing services 
  • a no obligation quote for a pest management contract