Noise pollution from commercial premises

Excessive noise from commercial premises can cause noise disturbance. Find out how to reduce noise nuisance and report a problem.

We will investigate complaints about businesses such as shops, factories and warehouses.  

Ventilation, air extraction and air-conditioning systems can be a noise nuisance to neighbours, particularly extractor units at catering businesses such as restaurants and take-aways, but may also include extraction systems from a production plant at other commercial premises. Business may require planning permission to install ventilation, air extraction or air-conditioning systems and we will refer these to the Planning Department. 

Reporting noise problems

In the first instance, we advise that you approach the business directly to see if a resolution can be found and to give them an opportunity to address the issues and allow you to reach a compromise. Where this is not possible or it is ineffective contact us, and we will investigate. 

Contact the Environmental Health Team.

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