Noise pollutions from streets, roads and traffic

North Yorkshire Council has a duty to investigate noise complaints made by residents and businesses. Find out more about how to make a noise complaint.

We will investigate complaints of noise nuisance related to: 

  • machinery and equipment being used in the street 
  • sounding vehicle alarms 
  • loudspeakers in the street

We can't investigate: 

  • traffic noise
  • noise in the street from antisocial behaviour 
  • aircraft noise

Anti-social behaviour noise

You can contact North Yorkshire Police about disturbances in the street due to anti-social behaviour.

Aircraft noise

You should complain about aircraft noise direct to the relevant airport or complain about aircraft noise to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Traffic noise

We can't investigate traffic noise as it is exempt from statutory nuisance and there aren't noise limits on roads. Find out more about traffic noise on the website

Ice-cream van chimes

There is a code of practice for ice-cream vans which provides guidance on minimising the noise from ice cream van chimes, the main points of which are: 

Do not sound chimes: 

  1. Before 12pm or after 7pm  
  2. For longer than 12 seconds at a time 
  3. More often than once every 2 minutes 
  4. More than once when the van is stationary at a selling point  
  5. When in sight of another vehicle which is trading 
  6. Within 50 metres of a school (during school hours), hospitals or places or worships (on Sundays recognised days of worship) 
  7. More than once every 2 hours in the same length of street 

More information is available on the website here.

Report a noise problem

Contact us to report a noise problem.

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