Who can I foster?

Life can throw many curveballs and the children we have needing foster carers can experience challenges at any time. We have many wonderful, unique individuals mainly aged 10 and over who are in need of guidance and support. 

We often find that we have a need for foster carers who can care for siblings, teenagers or young asylum seekers. 

Brothers and sisters

When children come into our care, it goes without saying this will be a very difficult time, especially if siblings become separated.

Here at Fostering North Yorkshire, we know how strong those family bonds can be, and how important it is to keep brothers and sisters together while providing them with a safe, loving and nurturing environment. So, we do need foster carers who are able to look after more than one child and keep siblings together in the same home. 


Being a teenager can be a confusing, emotional and challenging time for any child, and going through a family breakdown or upheaval can make life even more difficult for some. It is vital vulnerable teenagers get the support and stability they need to help them become well-adjusted adults. Teenagers can be challenging at the best of times, but helping a young adult thrive can be incredibly rewarding.

Family and friends

If you are looking after the child of a relative or friend on a full-time basis, either temporarily or permanently, then this is called family and friends foster care.

Unaccompanied children seeking asylum

We have children in need of care at a time when their whole world has been turned upside down. You will need to be welcoming, open to learning about new cultures, and able to nurture and encourage asylum-seeking children to settle into life in a new country. Our locally based social work teams, networks of foster carers and quality training will ensure you receive all the support you need.
No matter who is placed with you, the difference a foster carer can make in children’s lives is immeasurable. You will truly be making a difference in a real way, helping young people to achieve all they can in life and offering the consistency and security they may not have previously experienced.

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