Employment checks for passenger transport

Drivers and passenger assistants working on our transport contracts must have a DBS certificate and a valid council DBS badge.

Guidance for passenger transport applicants

Apply for a DBS check

Please read the transport operators DBS application guidance page. Once the check is completed, you will be notified of your result via your employer. It should take no more than four weeks to complete the process and issue one of our badges to your employer, where appropriate.

In addition to the check, drivers and passenger assistants must carry one of our badges while on transport contracts.

To obtain a badge please complete a  vetting procedures consent form (pdf / 175 KB). Once submitted your application will be checked including your evidence of identity and sent to our integrated passenger transport team. Failure to supply a signed vetting procedures consent form and photograph will delay the process.

Apply for a DBS check

Guidance for contractors and verifiers 

Verifying information

​Passenger transport managers should read the DBS online applications - responsible manager/verifiers guidance page.

You must view the  example passenger transport verification form for transport contractor verifiers (pdf / 100 KB) (pdf / 480 KB) before completing the  verification form for passenger transport contractors and employees (xlsx / 56 KB). This form can only be used for paid roles in connection with our passenger transport contract.

For volunteer roles, please see the information for managers page.

Once the contractor verification is complete, you must complete and return the verification form using the following e-form:

Submit a verification form

If you have difficulties please contact us.