Transport operators DBS application guidance

The purpose of this information is to allow you to quickly and easily complete the online DBS application form.

Register today

You must register for an account to apply for an online DBS check and complete the application form. Please visit apply for an employment check page and follow the instructions as prompted. There is additional guidance available on the employment checks for passenger transport page.

To register you will require an email address which can be a personal, work or family email address.

Required documentation

The online DBS application form requires you to record details of certain documents (if you have them) in the application form. It will therefore help you to have the following documents available before commencing

  • National Insurance number
  • passport
  • driving licence

Helpful hints

  • all fields marked with an asterisk (*) at the right-hand side of the box are mandatory and must be completed
  • the progress tracker at the top right of the screen will prompt you to complete any missing mandatory fields
  • please remember to click ‘save and proceed’ to move forward to the next section
  • where you see an ‘i’ icon, this indicates that there is information available that you should read to help you fill in the field correctly

Let’s get started

Once you have registered and clicked on the apply button the following quick three step process will be followed:

Screenshot of online form

Stage one - completing the online DBS form

You need to complete all sections on the application form as follows:

Annotated form with arrows guiding viewer to sections.

Personal/Applicant details

Please complete all mandatory fields. Please take care to record your surname and forename in the correct fields.

Address details

If you have lived at a different address in the past five years, you will need to record details of ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates. Please ensure that the postcode is recorded in uppercase. If you have lived in any of the Channel Islands, you will need to select the UK as the country.

Personal documents

If you hold any of the following documents, you must record the appropriate identity numbers on the form.

  • National Insurance number
  • passport number
  • driving licence number

If you are a driver for a transport operator you must include your driving licence number. 

Driving licence

Your driving licence number contains the first five letters of your surname (or all if it is shorter than five letters) and your first two initials (only one initial if you do not have a middle name). Validation is applied to compare this information with data recorded on other parts of the form. If you are experiencing a problem with your driving licence number, please check it is not due to one of the following scenarios:

  1. If you have changed your name since originally applying for your driving licence and have not updated your name (for example, recently married), then for the purposes of verifying your identity, your licence is not valid. To submit the application form successfully, you will need to answer ‘No’ to the following question - Do you have a valid driving licence?

  2. If you did not include your middle name when applying for your driving licence, you must leave the middle name section of the DBS application form blank to submit your online DBS application.


Please complete all questions in this section.

Submit the form

Once you are happy that you have completed all mandatory fields, you should click ‘Submit’. If you wish, you can save a copy for your records.

You will receive an email to confirm receipt using the email address that you have registered with. All correspondence will be sent to this email address so please ensure that you regularly check your email account.

If there are errors within any sections on the form, this will be indicated by an ‘x’ showing against that section (right-hand side of the screen). You will also be shown a list of the errors contained within each of the sections that will need to be corrected before you can submit the application. You will not be able to submit the form if there is missing data or if you have entered data into a field in an incorrect format.

Once you have submitted your online DBS application form, you need to complete stage two with your manager.

Stage two - verification of evidence

Once you have submitted your online DBS form this second stage is where you are required to provide documentary evidence on a face-to-face basis to your manager to prove your identity.

Please refer to the DBS identity check guidance on the government’s website which details what documentation will be accepted. It is important that you review the list. To avoid any delays or inconvenience, please ensure that you adequately prepare to provide the required documentation.

It is essential that you complete this task without delay as your application will not be processed until this information has been checked and submitted to us.

Your online DBS form will not be progressed until we receive from your verifier their proof and verification of your identity.

You should also print off and complete a passenger transport vetting procedures consent form which should be given to your employer/verifier, along with a passport-style photograph, to check and verify the information and that you are the individual in the photograph. The form and photograph (with your full name and date of birth printed on the reverse) should then be posted to integrated passenger transport.  Failure to submit the form and photograph will delay the application process and subsequently the notification of your disclosure result via your employer.

Stage three - processing your application and receiving your results

Once your evidence has been confirmed to us, we will match this with your application and submit the full application including verification information to National DBS who will carry out the DBS check. 

On completion, DBS National will send you a paper DBS certificate to your home address. In those circumstances where your certificate contains information, you must provide this to us for consideration. For us to complete this task you should take your original certificate to your Manager. Your Manager will authenticate the certificate, scan and send it to the employment support service for consideration by a designated decision maker. Any queries regarding the information revealed should be discussed with integrated passenger transport.  When we receive your DBS check information it will be reviewed and consideration as to whether you are suitable to work on transport contracts will be given. Your employer will be provided with notification of the outcome of this process which will then be passed on to you.    

Having a conviction to declare does not necessarily prevent you from being engaged in the post that you wish to work in. We positively support the Rehabilitation of Offenders and take a balanced approach.

All information disclosed will be dealt with in the strictest confidence in compliance with data protection.

Any communication which we send you will be via the email address stated on your application form. It is therefore important that you check your email and also the applicant centre as this will provide you with updates regarding the status of your clearance.


If you require any help or support when completing the application form please contact us.