Planning an event

Guidance on organising and applying for events in North Yorkshire.

If you are planning a public event, we advise you to contact our Safety Advisory Group.

The Safety Advisory Group acts as the focal point for event organisers, for specialist advice and guidance in relation to hosting an event. It works in partnership with emergency services and professional bodies to discuss the health and safety issues around staging an event.

The group has no legal powers. As an advisory group, it cannot give consent or approval for an event to take place, but will advise the event organiser on public safety issues which may need to be addressed. The role of the Safety Advisory Group is detailed at the bottom of this page.

You should complete our notification form to inform the Safety Advisory Group of your planned event. This form needs to be submitted at least three months before your event takes place to give the group time to consider the information and provide you with the relevant advice. 

Complete our  notification of event form (docx / 113 KB)

Download our  event management plan template and guidance (docx / 54 KB)

Contact us if you need to speak to the team.

Event organisers should be aware that certain permissions may be required if, for example, you intend to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment, or if your event requires road closures. In these situations you will need to speak to other teams at North Yorkshire Council about your event and different lead in times will apply.

In particular, this will be necessary if you are looking to:

The Safety Advisory Group cannot grant licences or permissions on behalf of these teams.

Further information and advice

The role of the Safety Advisory Group

Safety Advisory Groups provide a forum for discussing and advising on public safety at an event. They aim to help organisers with the planning, and management of an event and to encourage cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies. Safety Advisory Groups are non-statutory bodies and so do not have legal powers or responsibilities, and are not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place (although individual agencies that are members of a Safety Advisory Group may have regulatory powers). Event organisers and others involved in the running of an event, retain the principal legal duties for ensuring public safety.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the event organiser to comply with all relevant laws and guidance and to ensure the event is conducted safely. The Safety Advisory Group, in reviewing event documentation and providing commentary to event organisers, is doing so in a purely advisory role and its involvement does not remove the event organiser’s own legal duties and responsibilities for discharging its legal responsibilities. Neither ourselves nor any of the participants in the Safety Advisory Group accept any liability for loss to event organisers or participants arising from the cancellation of or adjustment to any events or event plans at any time.