Licensing and registration

View licences and registrations.

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Alcohol and entertainment licences

Find out about alcohol and entertainment licences in your area including premises licences, personal licences, club premises certificates, temporary event licences and street café licences.

Gaming and gambling licences

Find out about gaming and gambling licences in your area including licences for gaming machines, small lotteries, bingo, casinos, arcades, and track betting.

Animal welfare licences

Find out about animal welfare licences in your area including animal boarding licences, dog breeding licences, pet shop licences and zoo licences.

Charity collection licences

Find out about charity collection licences in your area including street charity collections and doorstep charity collections.

Child employment licences

Apply for a work permit for a child; find out about child performance and entertainment licences, employment regulations, and chaperones.

Road licences

Find information about licences and permits for roads, pavements and buildings.

Sex establishment licences

Find out about sex establishment licences in your area including licences for sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues.

Scrap metal licences

Find out about scrap metal licences in your area including site licences and collector licences.

Other licences and registrations

Find out about other types of licences including licences for sports grounds, selling second hand goods, petroleum storage, occasional sales, selling and storing fireworks and licences specific to different areas in North Yorkshire.