Street party, event or demonstration on or by a road

We encourage events that residents will enjoy, as well as those designed to attract tourists.

However, any event that causes disruption to traffic must be carefully managed to minimise congestion. This may require a temporary traffic regulation order, for which we require three months' advance notice. It's advisable to contact us to discuss event traffic management plans at least six months before the event. 

  • we must be notified of small street parties for friends and neighbours, but no licence is required for these
  • we must also be told about larger, publicised events open to the public, such as: cycle races, marches, demonstrations, and protests as licences are required for these

Small street parties

In those instances where a road closure would not result in any diverted traffic, you can  apply for a street party road closure (pdf / 275 KB). Organising small, private street parties is simple and, providing alcohol is not sold and entertainment is not provided, licences will not be needed. 

Larger events

A larger event or a street party proposed on a through road, i.e. a road which may access other streets, requires a more detailed process. 

Any event that may have an impact on traffic, regardless of whether the event is actually taking place on the highway or not, will require the event organiser to apply for a temporary traffic regulation order.

This must be applied for at least three months before the event start date to allow for signing to be placed on the road (by suitably qualified persons) and may allow roads to be closed or temporary traffic signals to be erected.

You can use our events planning protocol for guidance on planning a larger event.

Making an application

To make an application for a temporary road closure or restriction for the purpose of holding an event, please  download and complete the event on the highway application form (pdf / 732 KB). The document contains guidance notes to assist you. Please return the form to our customer services centre.

It’s important for you to be aware of the provisions of the 1986 Public Order Act.

Failing to give the police advance notice of the date, time and venue/route of a procession; changes to these details without updating the police or other involved agencies; or failure to comply with changes, conditions or prohibitions set by the police may constitute criminal offences.

Fees and charges

The legal process required to close a road to traffic carries a charge. View our list of fees and charges.


It is the responsibility of the event organiser to make sure the event is planned and held safely and with minimum disruption to other highway users. See event safety from the Health and Safety Executive for guidance.