Licences, registrations and applications for the Selby area

Find out information on the licences, registrations, applications and officer decisions made for the Selby area.

If you wish to comment on any of these applications, please contact us or complete the  representation form (docx / 35 KB) before the end of the consultation period.

Following the end of the consultation period, the council will consider the application and all representations submitted.

Current applications

Premises licence new and variations

Minor Variation

Applicant: Nigel Green

Address: Towerfest, Samanddance Limited, Drax Sports & Social Club, Main Road, Drax, YO8 8PJ  

Applied for:

  • Change to licensing hours Monday to Sunday 10.00hrs to 23.00hrs starting one hour earlier and finishing one hour earlier than previous licence
  • Add and amend licensing conditions to update existing licence

Last date for Representations: 23 July 2024

New premises licence

Applicant: Iceland Foods Ltd

Address: Unit H, Three Lakes Retail Park, Selby YO8 8LY

Applied for: Sale of Alcohol (Off Sales)

Hours open to the public: Monday to Sunday 7am to 11pm

Last date for representations: 5 August 2024

Premises licence reviews

There are currently no applications.

Reviewing a licence

An Interested Party can request a review of the licence at any stage on grounds relating to the licensing objectives. This can lead to the modification, suspension or revocation of the licence. The Licensing Act 2003 makes provision for a right of appeal to a magistrate's court against the council’s decision.

Pavement licence

We currently have no applications for a pavement licence review. 

New gambling licence

How do I comment on a gambling application?

Premises under the Gambling Act 2005

You can register your concerns about an application on the following basis:

  • preventing gambling from being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime
  • ensuring gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited through gambling

Contact us.

Or write to us: The Licensing Authority, North Yorkshire Council, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT

Please include your full name and address and detail your points clearly, providing any evidence you may have.

Comments must be received by the licensing authority before the end date of the representation period for the application as shown under the application details.

Please be aware if you make a comment it will be in the public domain and that at the end of the representation period, the applicant will receive a copy of all comments received. Your name and address can be withheld if requested. 

Following the receipt of a valid representations, applications will be determined by the licensing committee at a hearing.

New sex establishment

We currently have no new sex establishment applications.

How do I comment on a sex establishment application?

If you feel you are likely to be affected by an application made for a sex establishment, you can comment or object to the application.

Contact us here.

Or write to us: The Licensing Authority, North Yorkshire Council, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT

Please include your full name and address and detail your points clearly, providing any evidence you may have.

We cannot accept any representations on moral grounds or any which are vexatious or frivolous.

Comments must be received before the end of the 28 day representation period specified above.

Please be aware if you make a comment it will be in the public domain and that at the end of the representation period, the applicant will receive a copy of all comments received. Your name and address can be withheld if requested. 

Following the receipt of a valid representations, applications will be determined by the licensing committee at a hearing.

Public registers

Animal welfare licences

Selling animals as pets

Name Address  Licence number Star Rating Expires
A19 Koi A19 Koi Unit 1 Bell Farm Riccall Road Escrick York North Yorkshire YO19 6EE  23/00109/ANPET 5 Star 27.03.2026
Jollyes Pet Supplies Jollyes Pet Supplies 4E Selby Business Park Oakney Wood Road Brayton Selby North Yorkshire YO8 8LZ  22/00576/ANPET 5 Star 09.01.2026
Ken Kona Discount World Rawcliffe Lane Fairburn North Yorkshire WF11 9LD 24/00321/ANPET 1 Star 27.06.2025
Pets At Home Pets At Home Unit C1 Three Lakes Retail Park Selby YO8 8LY  22/00507/ANPET 5 Star 17.01.2026
Selby Garden And Pet Centre Selby Garden And Pet Centre Hull Road Osgodby Selby North Yorkshire YO8 5HG  22/00427/ANPET 5 Star 10.09.2025

Hiring out of horses

Name Address Licence number  Star rating Expires
Angel Riding Centre Angel Riding Centre Morton Lane Stables Morton Lane Hambleton Selby North Yorkshire YO8 9LE  20/00311/ANHIHO 5 Star 09.09.2026
Saxton Riding Centre 3 Hawks Cottages Main Street Saxton Tadcaster Leeds North Yorkshire LS24 9TA  20/00459/ANHIHO 5 Star 30.11.2023
Yorkshire Equestrian Centre Yorkshire Equestrian Centre Huddleston South Milford Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 6JU  20/00449/ANHIHO 5 Star 27.11.2023
Lime Oaks Riding Centre Woodhall Lane, South Duffield, Selby, YO8 6TG 22/00168/ANHIHO 3 Star 17.06.2024
Bramham Polo club Tadcaster, LS24 9NE 22/00173/ANHIHO 1 Star 29.06.2024
Queen Margarets Riding School Main Street, Escrick, York, YO19 6EU 24/00064/ANHIHO 5 Star 22.02.2027

Animal boarding

Name Address Licence number  Star rating Expires
Holmes Leeds Road, Selby, YO8 24/00240/ANBRDH  2 Star 8.7.2025
Standridge Auster Bank View, Tadcaster, LS24 8BA 23/00565/ANBRDH 2 Star 02.01.2025
Pets, Homes And Gardens, York The Granary 4 Norseman Close Riccall York North Yorkshire YO19 6RZ  21/00395/ANBRDH 5 Star 13.11.2024
Springfield Pet Hotel Springfield House, Station Road, Hensall, Goole, DN14 0QJ 23/00275/ANBRDH 4 Star 14.11.2025
Dexter's Doggy Daycare 8 Petre Avenue Selby YO8 8DJ  23/00603/ANBRDH 5 Star 21.10.2026
Dippy Dogs Morton House Morton Lane Gateforth Selby North Yorkshire YO8 9LE  23/00340/ANBRDD 5 Star 04.08.2026
  Wighill Lane Farm Wighill Lane Healaugh Tadcaster North Yorkshire LS24 8BZ  23/00296/ANBRED 5 Star 13.08.2026
Bark And Purrpet Services 11 West End Avenue Appleton Roebuck York YO23 7DE  20/00288/ANBRDH 5 Star 02.07.2026
Hounds And Hooves Malham House 45 Maypole Gardens Cawood Selby North Yorkshire YO8 3TG  20/00483/ANBRDH 5 Star 10.12.2026
High Trees Boarding Kennels & Cattery High Trees Boarding Kennels Cattery Park Farm Church Lane Gateforth Selby North Yorkshire YO8 9LJ  20/00260/ANBRD 5 Star 20.06.2026
Doggi Divas Stubbs Grange Farm Cottage Common Lane Stubbs Walden Doncaster South Yorkshire DN6 0EX  20/00241/ANBRD 5 Star 31.05.2026
K9 Lodges Glenrosa Leeds Road Selby YO8 4JG  23/00246/ANBRDH 5 Star 30.05.2026
Fee Fee's Pet Service 23 Cawood Crescent Church Fenton Tadcaster North Yorkshire LS24 9RY  22/00631/ANBRDH 5 Star 12.03.2026
Woof and Ready Springwood House Bishopdyke Road Cawood Selby North Yorkshire YO8 3UB  23/00136/ANBRD 5 Star 03.03.2026
Appletree Cattery Appletree Cattery 15 West Bank Carlton Goole North Yorkshire DN14 9PZ  23/00050/ANBRDH 5 Star 23.02.2026
Glenrose Cattery Glenrose Cattery At Hill Farm Road From Hull Road To Green Lane Cliffe Selby North Yorkshire YO8 6PF  23/00037/ANBRD 5 Star 29.03.2026
Throw A Dog A Bone Throw A Dog A Bone, Courtneys Selby YO8 9AB  22/00064/ANBRDD 4 Star 27.02.2025
  Auster Bank Crescent Tadcaster LS24 8AY  22/00128/ANBRDH 5 Star 06.05.2025
Woodhaven Woodhaven Common Lane South Milford Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 5BX  23/00033/ANBRDD 5 Star 27.02.2026
Foxhills Boarding Kennels Foxhills Boarding Kennels Market Weighton Road Barlby Selby North Yorkshire YO8 5DA  22/00186/ANBRDH 5 Star 31.03.2025
Pointer Farm Kennels Pointer Farm Kennels Peckfield South Milford Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 5LH  23/00092/ANBRD 5 Star 07.03.2026
The Dog Walker Castleford 44 Dorts Crescent Church Fenton Tadcaster North Yorkshire LS24 9RU  23/00641/ANBRDH 5 Star 16.01.2027
Snowlandia Kennels Snowlandia Kennels Moreby Stillingfleet York North Yorkshire YO19 6HN  22/00581/ANBRD 5 Star 03.03.2026
Harewood Cattery Shelton Firs Hillam Common Lane Hillam Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 5HR  23/00099/ANBRD 5 Star 15.04.2026
Halesgarth Kennels Halesgarth Kennels Hales Lane Drax Selby North Yorkshire YO8 8PL  22/00508/ANBRD 5 Star 17.01.2026
Woofers On The Wharfe 1A Commercial Street Tadcaster LS24 8AB 22/00292/ANBRDD 4 Star 24.08.2024
Chevinside Kennels Chevinside Kennels Station Road Wistow Selby North Yorkshire YO8 3UZ  22/00411/ANMULT 5 Star 03.12.2025
Pets, Homes And Gardens, York The Granary 4 Norseman Close Riccall York North Yorkshire YO19 6RZ  21/00395/ANBRDH 5 Star 13.11.2024
Paws In The Country 39 Wharfedale Crescent Tadcaster LS24 9JH  23/00097/ANBRDH 5 Star 02.03.2026
Catnaps Catnaps Green Lane Monk Fryston Leeds West Yorkshire LS25 5EJ  22/00471/ANBRD 5 Star 03.12.2025
Selby Dog Walking 51 St Wilfreds Crescent, Brayton, Selby, YO8 9EU 21/00078/ANBRDH 5 Star 12.04.2024
Clipsall Wood Kennels Fulham Lane, Womersley, Selby, DN6 9BN 24/00204/ANBRD 5 Star 09.05.2027
Springfield Dog Care Common Lane, Burn, YO8 8LB 22/00235/ANBRDD 4 Star 11.07.2024
Aristocats Cattery Old Stables Cottage, Escrick, Grange Farm, Stillingfleet Lane, Escrick, YO19 6EB 20/00421/ANBRD 5 Star 15.09.2024
Walk And Whistle 14 The Oval, Beal, DN14 0TA 23/00098/ANBRDH 5 Star 20.03.2026
Happy Tails Tadville Cottage Main Street Hemingbrough Selby North Yorkshire YO8 6QE  23/00032/ANBRDH 5 Star 25.01.2026
T J's of Tadcastger 35 Austerbank Crescent, Tadcaster, LS24 8AY 22/00128/ANBRDH 5 Star 06.05.2025
Hound House 16A Kelfield Road, Riccall, York, YO19 6PG 23/00006/ANBRD 1 Star 24.03.2025
Pad for Paws 124A Ousegate Selby YO8 8BL 23/00456/ANBRDH 5 Star 07.08.2026
The Willows Dog Boarding 1 Kitchen Gardens, Selby, YO8 8FZ 23/00467/ANBRDH 5 Star 21.08.2026
Sue's Doggy Home from Home 9 Brigg Farm Court, Camblesforth, Selby, YO8 8JR 22/00398/ANBRDH 1 Star 06.09.2026
  Wistowgate, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3SH 23/00422/ANBRDH 5 Star 20.09.2026
The Woof Pack Company 28 Greenfield Drive, Barlby, Selby, YO8 5NP 23/00577/ANBRDH 5 Star 25.10.2026
The Hound House Rhyme House, 16 A Kelfield Road, Riccall, YO19 6PG 23/00006/ANBRD 3 Star 23.03.2025
Fairy Tails The Stables, Old Vicarage Lane, Monk Fryston, Leeds, LS25 5EA 24/00127/ANBRDH 5 Star 22.02.2024
Booker Pet Care Manor Farm, Oxmoor Lane, Biggin, LS25 6HJ 21/00437/ANBRDH 5 Star 19.12.2024
Pet Stop At The Barn Chapel Lane, South Duffield, Selby, YO8 6SY 23/00108/ANBRDH 1 Star 25.03.2024
  Barlby Road, Barlby, YO8 5AA 23/00264/ANBRDH 2 Star 13.09.2024
  Sandfield Terrace, Tadcaster, LS24 8AW 23/00331/ANBRDH 2 Star 05.10.2024
  Wetherby Road, Tadcaster, LS24 9JN 23/00529/ANBRDH 2 Star 23.10.2023
Linbee Kennels and Rehoming Lowgate Kennels, Lowgate Crossing Farm, Lowgate, DN14 0ED 23/00600/ANBRD 5 Star 09.01.2027

Arranger of boarding

Name Address Licence number Star rating Expires
Pet Stay PetStay York 14 Eason Road Dringhouses York YO24 2HZ  22/00057/ANAOA 5 Star 03.02.2025

Breeding and selling

Name Address Licence number Star rating Expires
Jolleys Home Maypole Gardens, Cawood,YO8 3TG 23/00738/ANBRED 2 Star 15 February 2025
Kericrest Kericrest 79 Springfield Road Sherburn In Elmet North Yorkshire LS25 6DF  22/00592/ANBRED 5 Star 05.02.2026
Belleville And Ragus Kennel Mill Farm Moor Lea Lane Great Heck Goole East Yorkshire DN14 0BP  23/00004/ANBRED 5 Star 05.02.2026
Relax Bulls Bungalow 1 Greengates Moor Lee Lane Eggborough Goole East Yorkshire DN14 0PX  21/00304/ANBRED 5 Star 20.09.2024
Nevacease Poodles                               Pear Tree Avenue, Drax, Selby, YO8 8NQ 22/00315/ANBRED 5 Star 19.10.2025
  Wighill Lane, Healaugh, Tadcaster, LS24 8BZ 20/00303/ANBRED 5 Star 13.08.2026
Taisett Mount Park Riccall, York, YO19 6QU 21/00067/ANBRED 5 Star 10.11.2024
  Main Street, Towton, Tadcaster, LS24 9PB 23/00519/ANBRED 5 Star 19.01.2026
Love Doodles UK Hope Cottage, Hull Road, Hemmingbrough, Selby, YO8 6QJ 23/00538/ANBRED 1 Star 18.01.2024
Jeanidunns The Bungalow, Hales Lane, Drax, Selby, YO8 8PL 24/00210/ANBRED 2 Star 23.05.2027

Exhibiting and training animals

Name Address Licence number Star rating Expires
Gillham Heaghlough Manor Cottages, Tadcaster, LS24 8HG 23/00533/ANTRN N/a 28.09.2026


Cooling towers and evaporative condensers public register

Company Address Number
Sedalcol UK Ltd Denison Road, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8EF 3
UK Coal Mining Limited Kellingley Colliery, Kellingley Road, Knottingley, WF11 8DT 3
Sainsburys Distribution Centre Bishopdyke Road, Sherburn In Elmet, Leeds, LS25 6JH 4
Cranswick Gourmet Bacon Ltd Seafox Court, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds, LS25 6PL 3
Sarah Brownridge Little Catterton Lane, Tadcaster East, LS24 8EA 2
Saint Gobain Glass UK Ltd Weeland Road, Eggborough, Goole, DN14 0FD 9
Air Liquire UK Ltd Wand Lane, Hensall, Goole, DN14 0BS 4
Constar International Moor Lane Trading Est, Sherburn In Elmet, Leeds, LS25 6ES 6
J E Hartley Ltd Rothill Farm, Rothill Lane, Thorganby, York, YO19 6DJ 3
Heineken (UK) Ltd John Smiths Brewery (Tadcaster), High Street, Tadcaster West, LS24 9SA 10
Noreck Eggborough Power Station, Selby Road, Eggborough, Goole 8
Drax Power Ltd Drax Power Station, Brigg Lane, Camblesforth, Selby, YO8 8PH 12
Sam Smiths (Old Brewery) High Street, Tadcaster West 3
Greencore Ltd Barlby Road, Barlby, Selby 3
Molson Coors (UK) Ltd Tower Brewery, Station Road, Tadcaster West, LS24 9JR 4

Caravan sites public register

Address of site

Ref Number

Name of licence holder

Date site licence issued

Type of site

Licenced pitches



Apple Blossom Caravan Site, West Bank, Carlton, Goole, DN14 9PZ


Mr Dean Howsam



20 touring and 20 tents

All year round


Approach Farm, Riccall Road, Escrick


PW and KM Gowthorpe




Closed Dec and Jan


Bay Horse Inn, York Road, Barlby, YO8 5JH





6 and 5 storage



Blackwood Hall Caravan Site, Cornelius Causeway, North Duffield, YO8 5DD


Mrs V Walton-Knowles




12 months


Burn Gliding Club Caravan Site


Mr Cudhay and Committee




12 months


Castle Inn, Caravan Site, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3SH


Mr Graham Usher




Closed February


Cawood Holiday Park, Ryther Road, Cawood, YO8 3TT


Mr David Hind (Cawood Leisure Limited



65 static and 27 touring

12 months


Country Living Campsite, Westfield Lane, Thorganby, York, YO19 6ER


Lesley Hardcastle


Touring Caravans


12 months


Dove Cote Lodge, Selby, YO8 6PE


Miss E Rose



5 tents and 4 glamping pods

March to October


Ebor Park, Broad Lane, Appleton, Roebuck, York, YO23 7DZ


Mr S R Musto (Ebor Park Limited)




12 months


Ferry Boat Inn, Ferry Lane, Thorganby, YO19 6DD






Closed down May 2015


Four Horse Shoes, Highgate, Balne, DN14 0ER


Mrs Collins




12 months


Gateforth Park, Gateforth New Road, Brayton, Selby


Phil and Tim Brearley




All year round


Greenacres Caravan Site Flaxley Road Selby


Mrs A Burton




All year round


Hales Hill Farm Caravan Site Back Lane Acaster YO23 7BW


Mrs A Tyson



30 static and 20 touring

Closed Nov to March


Hollicarrs Wood Holiday Park Riccall Road Escrick YO19 6ED


Escrick Park Estates




12 months


Home Farm Caravan and Camping Moreby Park Stillingfleet York YO19 6HN


Mr G Coward



30 touring and 9 static

Closed January


Hornington Manor Glamping Pods Oxton Bolton Percy York YO23 7AS


Harrison Spinks Events Ltd


Shepherds Huts


12 months


Horse Shoe Fishing Pond Caravan Site Balne Moor Rd Balne DN14 0EN


Mr T Heckingbottom



11 touring and 1 static

12 months


Lyndale Caravan Park School Croft Brotherton Knottingley WF11 9ES


Mr and Mrs J Broadway




12 months


Milford Caravan Site Old Great North Road. South Milford LS25 5LQ


Mr John Taylor Senior


Residential Gypsy and Traveller site


12 Months

12 static /12 tourers

Moss Hagg Farm Campsite Selby Common Selby YO8 3RE


Mr Ian Vinton


Holiday – caravans/ motorhomes/tents

8 touring and 17 motorhomes/tents (25)

1st Mar – 1st Oct


Oakmere Caravan Park Hill Farm York Road Skipwith YO8 5SN


Mr M G Patrick




Closed December


Old Pasture Park Stillingfleet YO19 6HW


Mr DP Atkinson




12 months


Scalm Park Caravan Site Scalm Park Wistow Selby YO8 3RD


Mr J S Lamb



70 static and 114 touring

Statics March to Jan. Holiday tourers 12 months


Royal Oak Inn Caravan Site Main Road Hirst Courtney Selby YO8 8QT


Mrs E Devanny



14 touring and 9 static

11 months


Sloop Inn Main Street Temple Hirst Selby YO8 8QN


Mr R Wild




12 months


Smallholdings Upper Common Lane Kellington DN14 0ND


Messers Owen and James Walker


Residential Gypsy and Traveller site


12 Months


South Yorkshire Boat Club Heck Basin Great Heck Goole DN14 0BL


Mr K Wild (Chairman)




12 months


Squires Café Bar Caravan and Camping Site Newthorpe Lane South Milford


Mr D Bowness


Touring and Camping

32 touring and 20 tents

Closed January


Sycamores Retreat, Moor Lane, Ryther, Selby, LS24 9FW


Mr James Crickmore


Holiday static caravans


12 months

Inc number granted 08/07/21

The Bungalow Caravan Site Moreby Grange Stillingfleet York


Mr G Morris




12 months


The Ranch Caravan Site Cliffe Common Cliffe Selby YO8 6PA


Mr R Finney



43 statics

12 months


White Cross Ski Club Caravan Siet Rythergate Cawood YO8 3TP


Mr Lawton (Chairman)




Closed Nov to March


Whitecotes Park Ryther Road Ulleskelf Tadcaster LS24 9DY


Mrs Carole Stevenson


Residential static units


12 months

Amended 05/11/21

York South Ltd Holiday Caravan Site Broad Lane Cawood YO8 3UE


Mr P Cullen



9 static and 55 touring

12 months

28 days (T)

Last updated: January 2022

The information held in this table was correct at the date it was produced. 

Fit and Proper Persons register

Name of person

Contact details


Site name & address

Inclusion dates

Conditions attached

Mr J and Mrs L Broadway

Brotherton Park Homes Limited, Blake House, 11 High Street, Lees, Oldham, OL4 3BH


Lyndale Caravan Park. School Croft Brotherton WF11 9DS

19/08/2021 to 18/08/2026


Mr Simon Musto

Ebor Park Limited, Thistles, Little Addington, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 4AA


Ebor Park, Broad Lane, Appleton Roebuck, York, YO23 7DZ

24/09/2021 to 23/09/2026


Mrs Carol Anne Tott and Mr Paul Christopher Tott

York Forty Four Limited, The Bungalow, Wetherby Road, Boroughbridge, York, YO1 9HS

*Operations manager; **Site Managers

Gateforth Park, Gateforth New Road, Brayton, Selby, YO8 9BF

24/09/2021 to 23/09/2026


Mr George Sanderson

The Smallholding, Broach Lane, Kellington, DN14 0ND

Site Manager

The Smallholding, Broach Lane, Kellington, DN14 0ND

26/11/2021 to 25/11/2026


Mr Matthew Stevenson

Whitecotes Park, Ryther Road, Ulleskelf, LS24

Site Manager

Whitecotes Park, Ryther Road, Ulleskelf, LS24

05/11/2021 to 05/11/2026


Mr Warren Burton

Greenacres Caravan Park, Flaxley Road, Selby, YO8 3RJ

Site Manager

Greenacres Caravan Park, Flaxley Road, Selby, YO8 3RJ

11/11/2021 to 10/11/2026


Mr John Taylor Senior

Hazledene Bungalow, Great North Road, South Milford, LS25 5QL


Milford Caravan Park, Great North Road, South Milford

13/01/2022 to 11/06/2025

None. LPA restrictions (temp consent)

Officer decisions

Personal licences

Premises licences


Interim Authority

Transfer of PLH and vary of DPS

New Premises