Licence for the sale and storage of fireworks and explosives

You will need a licence from us if you sell or store explosives, including fireworks.

Fireworks and explosives must be stored safely and securely. You will need a licence from us if you store or sell fireworks to show you are fit to do so, and you will be subject to periodic inspections to ensure your premises complies with all the legal requirements.

The type of licence you need will depend on when you intend to sell or store fireworks. Standard licences will apply if you are selling or storing fireworks or explosives during the typical fireworks seasons; however, you can also apply for an all year round licence if you are planning to trade outside these times.

We may refuse an application if we consider the storage site to be unsuitable on safety grounds, or if there is evidence to suggest the applicant is not a fit person to store fireworks or explosives.

Explosives covered by the licence

Explosives covered include:

  • ammunition and shooters' powders
  • blasting explosives
  • fireworks (pyrotechnics)
  • gunpowder
  • marine flares

Apply for a licence

You can get a licence by completing and returning one of the application forms below to us:

All new applications must be accompanied by a site plan.

Please send a cheque or postal order, made payable to North Yorkshire Council, along with your application form. Contact us for details.

In submitting an application for a storage licence or sales licence, your information may be shared with police and fire service colleagues.


Fees vary depending on the quantity and type of fireworks that you store, and may also be subject to annual increases.

Licence  Fee
Licence for less than 250kg - new application
1 year £119
2 year £154
3 year £190
4 year £226
5 year £260
Licence for less than 250kg - renewal
1 year £59
2 year £94
3 year £132
4 year £166
5 year £202
Licence between 250kg and 2,000kg - new application
1 year £202
2 year £266
3 year £333
4 year £409
5 year £463
Licence between 250kg and 2,000kg - renewal 
1 year £94
2 year £161
3 year £226
4 year £291
5 year £357

Storage of fireworks between 250kg and 2,000kg may be subject to separation distances.

Variations, transfers and replacements

Service Fee
Varying the name of a licensee or the address site £40
Any other kind of variation The reasonable cost to the licensing authority of having the work carried out
Transfer of a licence £40
Replacement licence £40

Other licences for explosives

Some explosives, including blasting explosive and gunpowder, require a certificate from North Yorkshire Police. You can find out more on the North Yorkshire Police website.

Licences for manufacturing explosives must be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive. Find out more on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Further information

Our trader information sheet provides detailed information about the storage of fireworks. Our retailers firework storage suitability page will help you assess the type of storage you currently have.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to the licences, or would like to discuss whether you need a licence, please contact us and we will be happy to help.