Petroleum storage certificate

A petroleum storage certificate is required if you store petrol at a petrol filling station.

The old licensing regime has been replaced with a Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 certification scheme.

When applying for a petroleum storage certificate the following drawings are required:

  • a drawing of the layout if the dispensing premises
  • a drawing of the containment system for petrol at the dispensing premise, including storage tanks and pipework
  • a drawing of the drainage system to store petrol a the dispensing premises

These drawings form an integral part of the storage certificate and their reference number(s) must be included on the certificate.

Application form for a petroleum storage certificate

Should you wish to renew the petroleum storage certificate for your site, please complete this  application form for a petroleum storage certificate (pdf / 133 KB). Please include details of all tanks that are capable of storing petrol (this includes tanks that currently store diesel) and insert all details in the table showing all the tanks and their capacities on your site.

Please send us a cheque or postal order, made payable to North Yorkshire Council, along with your application form. Contact us for details.

When a significant change is made at the premises a new storage certificate will be required containing up-to-date drawings.

Any discrepancies should be made known to the Petroleum Enforcement Authority. You are also asked to indicate the period for which you would like to pay the fee, and to confirm the name of the person keeping petrol at the site.


Petroleum Fee per year
(1 January to 31 December)
Not exceeding 2,500 litres £48
Exceeding 2,500 litres but not exceeding 50,000 litres £65
Exceeding 50,000 litres £137

You can opt for one year to five years at the above costs per year.

The new regulations state 'The Petroleum Enforcement Authority must be satisfied that the containment system for petrol at the dispensing premises may reasonably be used to store petrol without creating an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of any person before granting a certificate.'

There is no longer a requirement to transfer a certificate when there is a change of site operator. The regulations place a duty in both the outgoing and incoming operator to notify the Petroleum Enforcement Authority when a change occurs. This must be notified to the Petroleum Enforcement Authority in writing at least 28 days before the change takes place.

Further information

Performing a search to check if a site has been made safe

We can carry out a file search of all our records and databases to check what was done to make the site safe once it was no longer used to store petrol. The fee for this is £60.

We need a written request with details of the information needed. This must be accompanied by a written consent from the owner of the land giving us permission to share the information.

Making changes to an existing petrol forecourt

You must notify us of any work to forecourts, tanks, pipework or other fittings, however minor, before work goes ahead.

You should provide method statements along with the contractor's details and the proposed date for work to be carried out. An inspector may need to discuss the work with you and may attend the site whilst the work is carried out.

Making a site that has previously stored petroleum safe

If you intend to store petroleum in the tanks again in the future you can make them temporarily safe by filling them with water. However, this is very much a temporary measure and should not be used for more than six months.

If the tanks will not be used again there are several methods of making them safe:

  • tanks should be filled with a sand and cement slurry mixture, foamed concrete or urea amino plastic foam
  • tanks can be removed by a specialist contractor. This is the recommended method if the site is to be built on

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