Second hand goods registration

If you are buying or selling second hand goods in North Yorkshire you need to register with us.

Registration is a legal requirement and if you do not register or keep adequate records, you may be fined.

There are some businesses that may not need to register as a second hand dealer, these are:

  • charities registered under the Charities Act 1960
  • scrap metal dealers registered under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013
  • dealers in waste paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics in bulk or second-hand clothes (exempt only in respect of that part of the business)
  • pawnbrokers (exempt only in respect of that business as a pawnbroker)
  • businesses who don't sell second hand goods as part of the main function of the business

If you are based outside of North Yorkshire, but still trade within North Yorkshire, you will still need to register with us as a dealer of second hand goods.

How to register

Registration costs £12.50. This is to cover administration costs and lasts for the lifetime of the business or the person named on the certificate.

You can register using our online form:

Register as a dealer

Alternatively, you can complete this  registration form (pdf / 199 KB) and send it to us with a cheque made payable to North Yorkshire Council. Contact us for details.

If you would prefer to make payment via BACS transfer, please contact us and an officer will be in touch to arrange this.

Please let us know if your business address, business name or the business owner changes, or if a certificate is lost and a replacement is needed, and we will issue a new certificate. Please note each new certificate issued incurs a charge of £12.50.

You will need to make sure your certificate is displayed in a place where your customers can see it.

Record keeping

As well as registering with us, you must also keep detailed records of the goods you buy and sell. This information must be entered in a book which you must keep on the premises or, if you have no fixed premises for example, if you trade from different markets or fairs, this book should be available whenever you are trading.

You must keep the book for at least two years after the last entry and must be shown to a police constable or trading standards officer if they ask to see it. Details that must be recorded include:

  • date of transaction
  • description of the item being bought or sold
  • name and address of person from whom the article was bought
  • name and address of person to whom the item was sold, if the sale price exceeds £100

You can download and print this  record book template (pdf / 133 KB), which you can use to maintain the required records. 

It is illegal to buy second-hand goods over £10 from anyone under 16 years old. It is also an offence for someone trading in second-hand goods with you to give a false name or address.

Contact us

For more information on second hand dealer's licences, or if you need help completing any of the registration forms, please contact us and we will be happy to help.