Do you, or somebody you know, need help with daily living?

Try our care and support short assessment. It provides advice and guidance to help you make informed choices about how you might wish to meet your care and support needs. It also provides a recommendation as to whether a full assessment of your needs might be helpful to you and allows you to send your information on to us. You can find out more about needs assessments here.

Request involvement

Residents can log in or register for an account below to request involvement from adult social care. 

Request involvement if you are a resident

Professionals can request involvement by completing this  assessment form (docx / 68 KB) and returning it to

If you are a professional and are concerned about a young person under 18 years old please complete a safeguarding children universal referral form.

If you have any problems, please call 01609 780780. Outside office hours the Emergency Duty Team can be contacted on the same number.

Frequently asked questions

This assessment, called a 'route', asks a series of short questions, and provides information and advice, depending on the answers. It also signposts to other resources. Questions relate to a range of care and support needs including whether the person is able to manage their personal care, nutrition, move around the home and get out and about.

The care and support initial assessment is the first step in assessing someone's need for social care.  It helps to identify people who need further help from the county council and those who can be signposted to other help.  

How long the assessment takes will vary from person to person. It is made up of 12 multiple choice questions; information and advice given depends on the answers you select; this in turn will also affect how long the assessment takes to complete.

You can save your assessment and come back to it later if you create an account or log in to a North Yorkshire County Council customer account at the start of the assessment.

This depends if you have logged in to a customer account before starting the assessment. You will only lose the information that you have completed if you have not logged in, or if you leave the assessment before submitting your information.

After completing the questions, you will receive a recommendation about what you can do next. There is the option to save a copy (a pdf version) of the assessment and follow up on the information and advice without contacting the council, or you can send your information to the county council. This referral will be then sent on to a professional who can talk to you and advise you further.

This will depend on the recommendation you received at the end of the assessment.

If we recommend that you need a full assessment of your needs, we will pass your information on to our assessment team, who will aim to make contact with you within one week. The purpose of this call will be to book an appointment for someone from the assessment team to come and visit you at home within 28 days.

If we recommend that you might benefit from an assessment, we will arrange for a social care professional to call you and assess you over the telephone, at the time of submitting your request you will be able to book an appointment for this telephone call to take place at a time that is convenient for you. We offer appointment slots as telephone appointments may take up to an hour (If we are unable to resolve the call over the telephone then we will consider arranging a visit to assess you in person).

It is designed for adults that are not currently receiving a care and support service from the county council, but are looking for help for themselves or someone else now or in the future.

The route is for residents of North Yorkshire only; if you live outside of North Yorkshire, we will advise you how to find out which local authority you need to contact.

If you are a friend, relative or support organisation that is trying to support a person to get the help they need, there is the option to complete the assessment with them. It is important that you have their consent and ensure they are involved in completing the assessment. If you choose to do this, please share with them all of the information that the assessment provides. If you are unable to get the person's consent, you will be unable to complete the assessment unless it is because the person doesn't have the mental capacity to give their consent (the assessment will ask you whether this is the case so we can understand any exceptions).

The route does not ask you for any personal details (except your postcode to check you live in North Yorkshire), until you get to the end of the assessment. We will only ask for additional information if you choose to share your information with the county council. Information that you will be asked to provide will include:

  • name, contact number and email address of the person completing the assessment;
  • name, contact number, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, language and details of any communication or information needs (of the person that the assessment is about); and
  • details of anyone else that needs to be contacted.

The carers assessment is aimed at people that provide unpaid care and support to someone else. The care and support initial assessment is aimed at the needs of the person being cared for (or in need of care). Carers are welcomed to complete the care and support initial assessment about the person that they care for, as it may provide some helpful information to help them in their caring role. 

If you have previously had a social care needs assessment but  you currently have no care and support services from the county council then you can use this route as an alternative to ringing us.

Please do not use this route if you currently receive a care and support service that has been arranged by the county council. We recommend you ring our customer services if you need to contact us, as they will have your existing details on file and help you get through to the most appropriate team.

If the route recommended that you were unlikely to benefit from a needs assessment, this is because you have answered in the assessment that you have limited or no social care needs. Please browse our website in case there is another department that may be able to assist you.

If the route provided you with the option to send your information on to a social care professional and you choose to do so, you will have an opportunity to speak to someone who should be able to provide you with further information (this is a new service therefore we will look to address any gaps in information within the route based on the experience of our customers).

If you were expecting the assessment to provide you with something different to what it did, we welcome your feedback via the survey which is available to complete at the end of the assessment.

No, you can telephone our customer service centre on 01609 780780 who will ask you a similar set of questions to those set out in this online route.  A key benefit of online is that the assessment can be completed at a time that suits you and is not restricted by opening and closing times.

Your information will be held on a county council customer database so that we can get in touch with you about your care needs. Information and details about you is kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Before submitting the assessment we do ask you to sign a declaration to make sure you are aware that we might need to share information about you (the person that the assessment is about) with other organisations to help us assess and meet your care and support needs.  For example, this could be someone who is already involved in their care or may need to become involved with their care, such as a doctor or a nurse. We will not use your information for commercial purposes.

Yes, there is the option to telephone the county council. Please be advised that the customer service advisor will be using a similar approach as the online route; this will ensure there is a fair experience for customers using the online or telephone route.

An email address is needed so that we can send you a confirmation email, only an email address for the person leading on completing the assessment (either for themselves or someone else) is needed. The email confirms that we have received the assessment and explains what will happen next.

There is the option to save a PDF of the assessment - this option is offered at the end of the initial questions. If you choose to submit your information, a PDF of the assessment is also attached to the email confirmation.

You may not have received an email confirmation for the following reasons:

  • The email address that you have provided doesn't exist or was entered incorrectly. It is important that you check the email address that you provide before submitting, particularly if you did not log in or register for a customer account. This is because there will be no way of you checking what has happened to your assessment without ringing Customer Services on 01609 780780.
  • Someone else helped you complete the assessment and provided their email address; check that the email hasn't gone to them.