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Take part in our countywide conversation to tell us your views and have your say.

How do I get involved?

Let’s Talk North Yorkshire is continuing with our latest conversation. To receive updates about Let’s Talk, sign up to Commonplace below.

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Let's Talk Food

Our aim is to make sure everyone has nutritious, affordable food from sustainable sources. We’re looking at the whole food system, from farm to fork. We want to know where you get your healthy food from and what household food gets thrown away.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of improving food in North Yorkshire.

Join the conversation and have your say before 1 April 2024.

You can take part in Let’s Talk Food in the following ways:

Fill in an online survey

Have Your Say Today - Let's Talk Food

The survey is on Commonplace, which is a safe and easy-to-use online tool used to engage with communities, by over 250 organisations including neighbouring councils in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Fill in a paper copy

If you would prefer, you can pick up a paper copy from your local library or main local office and return it in the envelope provided.

You can also email letstalk@northyorks.gov.uk or call 0300 131 2 131 (please say ‘Let’s Talk’ when prompted) to request a survey.

You can write to:

Let’s Talk
North Yorkshire Council
County Hall

Accessible formats of the survey are available on request.

Please share your views and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to do the same!

The survey closes on 1 April 2024.

Let's Talk Money 2023

The feedback from this years budget consultation will be available here in early 2024. If you registered when completing the survey you can log into the Commonplace website and review your responses.

Let’s Talk Local, Money 2022, Devolution, Climate and Transport

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Let’s Talk North Yorkshire across Local, Money 2022, Devolution, Climate and Transport, helping to determine priorities for the new North Yorkshire Council.

Let’s Talk Local results

In autumn 2022, we launched Let’s Talk , our biggest ever countywide conversation to understand how residents feel about their local area and their priorities, as well as the impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on lives.  

We received nearly 3,900 responses to Let’s Talk Local and nearly 2,700 responses to Let’s Talk Money from people of all ages, who live and work across all areas of North Yorkshire. 

This information is being used to inform our new council’s decisions, policies and services going forward.  

We are the geographically largest council in England, with a mix of rural, urban and coastal communities, all of which have common challenges but also competing and differing needs. Therefore, a strong community voice is essential. Let’s Talk North Yorkshire is one way we are using to empower that voice and is a clear commitment to listening to you.  

The  Let's Talk Local report (pdf / 812 KB) summarises some of the key results.

Let's Talk Climate results

Let’s Talk Climate was launched in February 2023 as a result of you highlighting climate change as a top five priority of Let’s Talk Local. We wanted to understand your thoughts on the topic in order feed your views and opinions into our draft climate change strategy.

We received over 1,500 responses from people of all ages, who live and work across all areas of North Yorkshire.

The  Let’s Talk Climate report (pdf / 5 MB) summarises some of the key results.

Let's Talk Transport results

Let’s Talk Transport took place from May to July 2023 – this was the first part of our conversation with you about how you travel in North Yorkshire, to help inform the Local Transport Plan. 

We received over 4,800 responses, which are summarised below. These responses will be used to help the development of the Local Transport Plan, which will then be shared for your input. 

The  Let’s Talk Transport report (pdf / 1 MB) summarises some of the key results.