You can still sign up for garden waste collection

Kerbside garden waste collections have begun in the Selby area under a new opt-in subscription service.

Subscriptions for the £29 service covers collections until 1 March, 2024, and bring the Selby service into line with paid-for garden waste collection services in all other areas of North Yorkshire.

But if you have not yet signed up for the service, it is not too late to do so.

Residents now need to display a licence to continue having their garden waste collected from the kerbside. Each licence sticker is unique to the property to which it is registered.

Bins will not be emptied if they do not display a valid licence.

If you have not yet signed up to the service, retain your bin in case you decide to sign up later.

Residents can share a garden waste bin subscription with a neighbour. One person would need to pay for a licence which is registered and collected from one address.

Residents who do not want to sign up for the service should either compost their garden waste at home or take it to their local household waste recycling centre.

Find out how to sign up for garden waste collections.