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Apply online for a school place at infant, junior, primary and secondary schools in North Yorkshire.

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It is your responsibility to read all the information on our schools admissions pages before you apply for your child's school place.

Online application deadline

Secondary School applications for Year 7 in September 2020 can no longer apply online from 24th January 2020.

Primary School applications for Reception in September 2020 can not longer apply online from 6th March 2020. 

After these dates you will need to complete a paper application form and your application will then be considered after National Offer Day. View detailed timelines and key dates.

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You can:

  • make a new application;
  • continue with an application you have saved;
  • view your submitted application; or
  • view which school your child has been offered.

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If you are not sure what these terms mean, please read the information about types of school.

What school are you applying to? What you need to do
The reception class of a primary school Apply using the form on this page. There will be no need to make any further applications until your child enters secondary school in year 7.
The reception class of an infant school with a separate junior school Apply using the form on this page. You will, in time, need to make a further application for a year 3 place in a junior or primary school.
The year 3 class of a junior school where your child has been attending the nearby infant school Apply using the form on this page. This is because a junior school is an entirely separate school, where year 3 is the entry point for new starters. Attending the nearby infant school does not guarantee you a place.
The year 3 class of a primary school where your child has up until now been attending a separate infant school Apply using the form on this page.

Parents must be aware that attendance at a nursery or pre-reception class attached to a primary school neither guarantees nor gives priority to a place at that school. To prioritise children attending the nursery would discriminate against:

  • younger children;
  • children who are attending a nursery class in another school or setting; and
  • children whose parents choose not to use any of the pre-school provision available.

Parents of children who attend a pre-reception or nursery class must submit an application form if they want their child to be given a place in the school's reception class. That application will be considered alongside all other applications. We will apply our normal admissions criteria and policies, and appeal arrangements.

If your children will both be attending the same primary school, meaning a school that covers Reception until year 6, and it is a school for which we are the admissions authority, our normal oversubscription criteria and admission arrangements apply.

However, if your children will be attending an infant school and a junior school, these are two entirely separate schools, even if they are linked by name or location. Just because your child attends an infant school there is no guarantee they will be allocated a place at the linked junior school when they transfer at the end of year 2. They are treated like any other applicant.

For this reason, having a sibling at the junior school does not give any priority to a younger child applying for a place at the infant school.  We will apply our normal oversubscription criteria and admission arrangements.

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