Selby High Street Heritage Action Zone

Selby High Street Heritage Action Zone is a project part-funded by Historic England to increase vibrancy in the town centre through community engagement and building regeneration projects.

We are working with Historic England to develop and deliver schemes that will transform and restore disused and dilapidated buildings into new homes, shops, workplaces, and community spaces, restoring local historic character and improving the public realm.

We will: 

Collect personal narratives, experiences, and feelings of Selby’s heritage. Create a range of events to embed these stories into the fabric of our town. Explore traditional and eccentric artistic interpretations of Selby’s stories both physically and digitally.

Provide property improvement grants to local shop and business owners to help fund urgent repair works to properties, and repair some of the character of the streets. Open spaces and streets for retail and cultural activity and create connected designs across the sectors of the High Street Heritage Action Zone.

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