Air quality in your area

Find out how we measure air quality to ensure it meets legal standards, where smoke control areas are located, and how you can help improve air quality.

Improving air quality

Good air quality is essential for our health, quality of life and the environment.  

We have a legal duty to monitor key pollutants and report annually on air quality across the region. In areas where the National Air Quality Objectives set by the Government are not being met, we declare these as Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).  

Air quality action plans are produced for each AQMAs which show how we will tackle air pollution and improve the air quality. These plans are submitted to DEFRA every year. 

How you can help to reduce air pollution

There are several ways to help reduce air pollution and make the environment safer and healthier for us all: 

  • walk, cycle or use a scooter more frequently in your leisure time or when travelling to work or school 
  • avoid unnecessary burning at home using a stove or open fire unless this is your only source of heat 
  • use efficient burning fuels in your stove/open fire such as dry wood or approved manufactured solid fuels – read the open fires and wood burning stoves guide for practical tips 
  • when driving switch off your engine when stationary, and if possible opt to drive electric vehicles 
  • avoid burning garden waste, especially green or damp waste, as it produces smoke  
  • take household waste such as old furniture or building materials to one of our household waste recycling centres rather than burn it 

Smoke control areas

There are several smoke control areas within North Yorkshire. These areas have restrictions on producing smoke from domestic chimneys and require you to burn authorised fuel or use certain appliances.  

To check if your property falls under a smoke control area please use the following local area search tool below.

Air quality in your local area

For information on air quality in your area and to view any local air quality action plans please use the following local area search tool:

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