Notification of occasional sales

If you are holding or organising an occasional sale in North Yorkshire you should notify us.

An occasional sale is any event, including car boot sales, which is not a fixed or regular trading event. Examples could include craft or antiques fairs, shows, one-off markets, or one day sales in hotels or village halls.

There are some exceptions:

  • regular or chartered markets, or regular car boot sales
  • auction sales of farm livestock, dead stock or the contents of a building
  • an event conducted by a registered charity where all the proceeds go to that charity


You must notify us if you organise an occasional sale or you allow an occasional sale to be held on your land or premises and must provide us with this notification at least 21 days before the sale takes place.

You can do this using our online form:

Notify us of an occasional sale

Important information

The full name and business address of anyone promoting, holding or helping with the sale must be displayed where it can be read by the public.

Notices, leaflets and posters must include the name and business address of the promoter of the sale and everyone concerned in the promotion of the sale.

Dealers in second-hand goods are subject to further requirements.

Notification must not be taken as authorisation to hold an occasional sale and does not override other legal requirements relating to such events, for example planning laws and Sunday trading legislation.

The promoter and / or occupier of the premises should ensure that they hold the appropriate licence / permission and comply with other relevant trading laws. Compliance is a legal requirement unless otherwise stated and failure to register may render you liable to a fine.

Contact us

For more information on whether you need to notify us of an occasional sale, or if you need help completing the form, please contact us and we will be happy to help.