Licences for objects over a road

By law, licences are required for equipment such as canopies, blinds or CCTV equipment that might protrude over a public highway.

Licences will normally be granted as part of the planning process but, in some circumstances, a highway projection licence might be granted separately.

To allow pedestrians to walk safely beneath projections, the following is required:

  • a minimum vertical clearance of 2.6 metres to the underside of the projecting structure
  • a minimum horizontal clearance between the structure and the carriageway of 0.6 metres
  • a vertical clearance of not less than 6 metres is required above a carriageway or access road

The owners of the apparatus must have public liability insurance cover for a minimum of £5 million.

Applying for a licence

To apply for a licence, download and complete  the application form (pdf / 236 KB) and return it with the fee to your local area highways office. Refer to our list of fees and charges for cost details.