Licences to place building materials on a road

You need a licence if you want to place building materials on any part of the highway.

We will only consider issuing a licence to place building materials temporarily on the public highway where there is insufficient space for them to be stored on private land and where they will not cause problems for highway users.

A building materials licence must be obtained from us before materials are placed on the highway. Premises and water drainage must not be obstructed and access to fire hydrants, highway drainage gullies, manholes and public utility equipment must be kept clear. Traffic regulation orders must not be contravened.

No materials that are flammable, explosive or noxious, or anything that might become a danger or nuisance may be deposited. A licence does not permit the mixing of mortar, concrete or cement on the highway, or any other materials that may stain or disfigure the surface. Obtain a skip licence to store/dispose of your waste/rubbish responsibly.

Placing building materials on the public highway without a licence could leave you liable to a fine.

Apply for a licence

Download and complete  the application form (pdf / 225 KB) and return it with the fee to your local area highways office at least three working days before your building materials will be delivered on site. See our list of fees and charges for costs. If permission is granted for a building materials licence to be extended, a new licence fee is payable.

We don't normally permit extensions and will only consider doing so under extenuating circumstances. You must contact us at least three working days before your existing licence expires to discuss the circumstances.