Skip permits

You need a permit before you place a skip on a public road or highway.

A skip can be placed on private property - for example, a residential driveway - without a licence. However, a skip licence, which is valid for two weeks, is required to place one on the highway.

This includes all roads, footways, footpaths, verges and back streets. Further periods of two weeks may be granted, but each one requires a re-application. A full skip must be removed within two days. We have the right to specify conditions relating to the position of any builders' skips.

Only skip hire companies can apply to place a skip on the highway and they need to be registered with us.

Skips will not usually be authorised:

  • on a footway or verge, except in exceptional circumstances
  • on the highway if a skip could be reasonably placed on private property
  • on a highway that has an order restricting the parking of vehicles on that section

We do not charge VAT on a skip licence. However, if the skip company you are dealing with is VAT registered they are required to charge you VAT at the standard rate for both the skip licence and any associated administrative charges.

Our skip licence guidance contains further information. 

For costs, see our list of fees and charges.

Apply for skip company registration

Apply for a skip on the highway

Apply for a skip extension

Further information

What should not be put in a skip

To comply with environmental legislation you should not put asbestos, batteries, tyres and fridge freezers, chemicals and paint inside a skip.

You should also ensure that the waste is not higher than the skip and it is secure and safe.

Transport containers on the highway

Special permission is required to place transport containers on the highway. Container licences are always subject of a prior site visit, to consider traffic management and arrangements made to repair any damage which may be caused to the road surface.

Container licences are subject to individually identified costs, dependant on site specific circumstances.

Waste carrier licences

Any business transporting waste, whether their own or someone else's, for free or for profit, must now register as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency in England.

Depending on the activity, this registration may be free of charge.

You can find out more about registering to become a waste carrier and apply online on the Government website.

For further information, you can call the environment agency on 03708 506506 and ask for authorisations.

Breaches of our terms and conditions

Any skip on the highway that does not have the correct traffic cones and beacons in place as per our terms and conditions will incur extra inspection charges.

If the situation is not immediately resolved, we will remove the skip and begin legal proceedings against the skip operator.