Strategic flood risk assessment

The strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) assesses the different levels of flood risk in Scarborough area.

The assessment includes maps that assist with statutory planning land use.

The SFRA was a joint commission with Ryedale and was published in late 2021.

To find the appropriate map tile use the key map as this will enable the identification of the correct tile. The map tiles available here are for those within Scarborough borough. You will need to download the Map to enable the ability to switch the different layers on and off including flood zones, historic flood events and risks from surface water flooding. You will have to ensure that you have Adobe Reader downloaded to do this. If you have any problems viewing these maps then please contact us.

 Scarborough borough and Ryedale level one SFRA (final report) (pdf / 2 MB)
 SFRA Appendix A: maps (GeoPDF user guide) (pdf / 110 KB)
 SFRA Appendix B: data sources (pdf / 248 KB)
 SFRA Appendix C: SFRA user guide (pdf / 148 KB)
 SFRA Appendix D: flood alert and flood warnings (pdf / 84 KB)
 SFRA Appendix E: flood risk summary (pdf / 196 KB)
 SFRA Appendix F: cumulative impact methodology (pdf / 91 KB)
 Key Map - to identify map tiles (pdf / 2 MB)
 Tile A4 (Whitby) (pdf / 6 MB)
 Tile B5 (Cloughton - North) (pdf / 3 MB)
 Tile C4 (North of Snainton) (pdf / 5 MB)
 Tile C5 (Scarborough Urban Area) (pdf / 8 MB)
 Tile C6 (Wheatcroft and Osgodby) (pdf / 1 MB)
 Tile D4 (Ruston to Snainton) (pdf / 5 MB)
 Tile D5 (Western Villages, Seamer, Crossgates, Eastfield and Cayton) (pdf / 13 MB)
 Tile D6 (Cayton, Filey, Hunmanby and Villages) (pdf / 3 MB)
 Tile D7 (Speeton) (pdf / 1 MB)
 Tile E6 (Rural South) (pdf / 2 MB)
 Tile E7 (Rural South) (pdf / 3 MB)