Memorial benches and trees in the Scarborough area

Remember the life of a friend or loved one after their death through the arrangement of a long-standing tribute.

A memorial seat or tree has always been a popular choice. You can visit the memorial seats and trees at a loved one's favourite viewpoint, either in a park or some other place where they liked to relax and let time pass by.

We welcome donations of memorial benches and wherever possible we will try to accommodate individual wishes. The council can install memorial benches in a number of locations in the Scarborough and Whitby area, though to maintain continuity, choice of design is sometimes restricted.

Register your interest in a memorial bench

Alternatively, please contact us.

You can also report damage to a memorial bench.

Available sites

Most parks, open spaces, public gardens, cemeteries and closed churchyards which are within the ownership and management of North Yorkshire Council, within the former Scarborough Borough Council area.

For memorial bench donations in Filey, please contact Filey Town Council:

Filey Town Council

52A Queen Street


North Yorkshire

YO14 9HE

Tel: 01723 514498


For memorial trees, shrubs and wall or bench plaques at Woodlands Crematorium in Scarborough, please visit our Woodlands Crematorium memorials page.

You can contact the crematorium directly at:

Bereavement Services

Woodlands Crematorium

Woodlands Drive


YO12 6QN

Alternatively, please contact us.


Depending on the area selected, the choice of seat maybe restricted so that it can maintain continuity within the local area, this will be advised during the application process.


A memorial seat costs £1500.00 for the provision of a seat, plaque, delivery to site, installation and a 10 year maintenance agreement. Should any preparatory ground works be required as part of the installation process an additional £300.00 will be charged.

You can adopt a seat for £750.00. This covers the supply and installation of a standard sized bronze embossed plaque onto an existing seat of an acceptable standard, if available, within a designated area inclusive of a 5 year maintenance agreement.

Please note that sites for this facility are extremely limited with only some seating in Peasholm Park, Scarborough and The Bandstand area of Whitby West Pier now available.

Other memorial sites in North Yorkshire

Please note that besides the Scarborough area, memorial benches can only be purchased at our Waltonwrays and Ingleton cemeteries, and memorial trees at the cemetery in Richmond. These are however subject to space availability.